1. D

    Trying to resolve Input Data Too Large error

    I'm trying to troubleshoot Webspeed code that loads an item catalog from a .csv that has been placed on a server. If the .csv code is greater than about 850K and 5,000 records, the program stalls and I see the following message in the server log: P-064472 T-1751873344 1 WS -- (Procedure...
  2. M

    Question Webspeed get-value taking more time

    Hi, I'm trying to build a webspeed application. My webpage has more than 3000 elements in a single form and the form submits to same page for some user actions. I used get-value function to get those element values and build the web pages. For some customers it completes in seconds but for...
  3. E

    Error 12597 - get-binary-data error in form Webspeed

    Hello, Has anyone had this error in the UPLOAD file by Webspeed. I created a form with the "arquivo" field and type: "file" like print, however, when I give get-binary-data, appserver returns error below: [19/06/21@22:38:37.286-0300] P-015820 T-002916 1 WS -- (Procedure: 'get-binary-data...
  4. bilelbeldi617

    Help please!

    I wanted to call an external procedure deleteInvoice.p(Input recid(invoice)) from deleteCustomer.html but i get the error "Unable to run Web object 'WebSpeed/deleteCustomer.r'".
  5. bilelbeldi617

    I'm confused

    Hey guys, So i was told to learn Webspeed, but when i visit the official Progress website and i look for webspeed i can't find anything So how can i install webspeed? Does it work with the last version of progress? What's the diff between webspeed and KendoUI ? Please help .
  6. Norbert Himer

    GUI and WebSpeed application converting

    Hi All! I have a little problem. I want my current application to be displayed on the web. I started with the first reports and I already had a problem. The structure of all my reports is as follows: /* Title and Global variables definition */ /* Local variables definition */ /* Selection from...
  7. Cecil

    Question Using WebSpeed as a REATful API Web Service Famework

    I'm working on a personal project using WebSpeed to emulate a RESTful Web Service and it's working quite well. It replicates the OpenEdge REST service with having a simple framework. Also, the HTTP BASIC & DIGEST authentication is also handled by the framework. My question is...is there...
  8. A

    Moving Away from V9ADM2 to ?????

    Hi, For last two decade I am using V9 ADM2 for application development. Now due to immense pressure from competitive market, this is unconditional choice to move away from dull and boring Desktop GUI application and Redesign application in modern, clutter free and responsive interface...
  9. A

    jQuery events are not invoking in WebSpeed(HTML Mapping)

    Hi, I want to use jQuery in existing webspeed application, that was developed in HTML mapping, currently this application is using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Progress. But now i want to use jQuery in this but jQuery events are not invoking. Could you please help me on this. Thanks & Regards...
  10. D

    Trying To Debug "can't Reach This Page"

    I am trying to deploy a Webspeed application, but every time I attempt to access a page through a browser, I get an error saying "Can't Reach This Page". As far as I can tell, the PROPATH is set correctly, and I can run a page from the Workshop. However, when I attempt to run the page...
  11. A

    Error Getting Html Plain Text In Html Mapping Webspeed Application

    Hi, I'm working in a webspeed application that was developed in HTML Mapping. I'm getting plain HTML text instead of web page in some pages of the application. I have tried to find the problem but did't found. please help me. Snapshot is attached.
  12. D

    Question About Tracking Agent Usage

    I'm working on an online webstore that is written in Webspeed. My client has a concern - if the number of agents currently in use is maxed, the site will slow down for the (eventual) shoppers. Is there a way to track agent activity (when the spawn, when they de-spawn, etc.)? Much...
  13. D

    Calling A Webspeed-based Super Procedure From External Program

    Is there a way to call a Webspeed-based super procedure from non-Webspeed code? I have a Webspeed application that I would like to call from a Progress application that lives outside of Webspeed. The Webspeed application has several super procedures and is connected to a different set of...
  14. K

    Working With Iis

    Hi, I'm trying to set up multiple websites for testing purposes. My IIS installation directory points to C:\Inetpub\scripts. I want to define another directory, maybe C:\Inetpub\test that will have a different implementation of cgiip.wsc. I've spent a lot of time on it, but can't get the...
  15. K

    Splitting Webspeed Architecture

    Hi, I'm trying to understand how the entire WebSpeed Architecture works. Because of lack of available information, I am having to turn to you guys for help. I've defined two different websites that will communicate with their relevant WebSpeed Broker. Because of changing circumstances, I'm...
  16. W

    Receiving Json From Angularjs Application

    Unix Progress v11.5.1 Webspeed v3.1 Hey all. I have a question regarding getting JSON from a UI that is using AngularJS. The JSON is straight JSON; we’ve constructed JSON in the past and put it into a variable and used get-value to read the contents into a temp-table. But with AngularJS, it...
  17. R

    Question Webspeed As A Api Component

    Hi friends, i would like to write a simple web application (in expressjs) and use webspeed as a api to pull data from Progress database. Do you have someone experience with this? For expample on url: /WebspeedApi/customers - to get all customers /WebspeedApi/customers/1 - to get customer...
  18. K

    Secure connections

    Hi there, First time posting here. I'm trying to implement SSL to an existing WebSpeed setup, using Progress 10.2B and Apache. I have set up Apache accordingly, but have been unable to setup communication with the scripts I have. I have tested and see that I can access the host using https. I...
  19. A

    Question Reverse Proxy Server, any issues using with Webspeed?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience with using a Reverse Proxy server with a Webspeed application. We are going to be moving our client to a Data Centre and they are requesting that a Reverse Proxy be used in the DMZ for all web connections (HTTPS). This Reverse Proxy server will be...
  20. Oswa.Nuno

    Question Short URL on linux

    Hi !! I'm using OE 10.1A on Linux RedHat 5.5 I'm trying to pass from this: http://localhost/cgi-bin/wspd_cgi.sh/WService=wsbroker1/ping to something like this: http://localhost/cgi-bin/webspeed/ping I've read some info about rename wspd_cgi.sh, but i just cant get it !!! Some one can give...