Question Using WebSpeed as a REATful API Web Service Famework


19+ years progress programming and still learning.
I'm working on a personal project using WebSpeed to emulate a RESTful Web Service and it's working quite well.
It replicates the OpenEdge REST service with having a simple framework. Also, the HTTP BASIC & DIGEST authentication is also handled by the framework.

My question there something I could be missing where using WebSpeed could be the downfall.?

NOTE: It does require ISS and add-on URL Rewrite module.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
My $0.02: the downfall is using WebSpeed in 2019. Progress isn't going to keep supporting it.

If you want to create a RESTful web service in OE, use PASOE.


19+ years progress programming and still learning.
Are you using Webspeed with PAS?

Old webspeed only really supported a few HTTP verbs (Post etc).

With PAS you can use most if not all.
This is working on classic/traditional webspeed.

The issue is licensing. The added cost to move to PAS has been the bottle neck to upgrading.