Working With Iis


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I'm trying to set up multiple websites for testing purposes. My IIS installation directory points to C:\Inetpub\scripts. I want to define another directory, maybe C:\Inetpub\test that will have a different implementation of cgiip.wsc.

I've spent a lot of time on it, but can't get the website pointing to the directory to work. It still refers to C:\Inetpub\scripts, which has a different definition of cgiip.wsc pointing to a different server and broker. I can prohibit the cgiip.exe residing in C:\Inetpub\test, but when I set it to allowed it seems to use the cgiip.wsc in C:\Inetpub\scripts as its file.

How can I make this work so that each cgiip.wsc file is used by each website?