Error Getting Html Plain Text In Html Mapping Webspeed Application

Abhishek Sahu

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I'm working in a webspeed application that was developed in HTML Mapping. I'm getting plain HTML text instead of web page in some pages of the application. I have tried to find the problem but did't found. please help me. Snapshot is attached.


Abhishek Sahu

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Are you setting the output-content-type correctly?

OpenEdge 11.7 Documentation
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, But other also using same but problem with this page only.

Like this:

PROCEDURE outputHeader :
Purpose: Output the MIME header, and any "cookie" information needed
by this procedure.
Parameters: <none>
Notes: In the event that this Web object is state-aware, this is
a good place to set the WebState and WebTimeout attributes.

Output-http-header("Expires":U, "0":U).
Output-http-header("Cache-Control":U, "No-Cache":U).
Output-http-header("Pragma":U, "No-Cache":U).

Output-content-type ("text/html":U).



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We had an issue in 11.7 where progress have decided to wrap everything in a new header. Broke our old web speed application.