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With the latest Innovation release, Progress OpenEdge 12.7 delivers exciting new features that will provide numerous benefits for OpenEdge application developers, database administrators and users.

With OpenEdge 12.7, customers can drive their OpenEdge application to modernization. Because 12.7 is an Innovation release, you can adopt features at a faster pace. This release provides the latest in productivity, security and modernization.

What’s New in OpenEdge 12.7​

Object-Oriented ABL Enhancements​

With ABL's built-in HashMap collection support, OpenEdge application developers can optimize their existing applications while also adding new capabilities. In contrast to a list collection, where the time required to retrieve an item depends on its position in the list, the time required to retrieve an item in a HashMap Collection is constant regardless of its size. The best data structure for better performance and resource utilization is HashMap key-value pairs.

Security Improvements​

In OpenEdge 12.7, there is now support for industry-standard protocols for authentication and authorization. TLSv1.3 is now the default security protocol for OpenEdge, further enhancing security and performance. In addition, the use of OAuth2 and SAML authentication is greatly simplified by a Security Token Service that automatically transforms these industry-standard tokens into the Client-Principal internal OpenEdge security token. This supports a more seamless integration with applications developed using other technologies that use OAuth2 and SAML.

Efficient Database Maintenance​

OpenEdge 12.7 has several improvements to make it easier for database administrators to maintain their databases. Database administrators can now remove and return a data storage area to the Operating System without downtime, which is helpful for cloud-hosted databases. With record and key validation during an index check, DBAs can quickly detect and repair integration issues. With this feature, DBAs can also reorganize table data and restore databases, including those from compressed backups, faster than ever before.

.NET 6 Support on Windows for OpenEdge​

For those ready to migrate their applications to .NET 6, the successor to .NET Framework and a long-term supported release from Microsoft, OpenEdge is ready. Moving to .NET 6 ensures that your OpenEdge applications stay up to date with enhanced performance, support, security, look and feel and long-term sustenance. The older .NET Framework continues to be fully available, which allows our OpenEdge users to migrate to .NET 6 on their own schedule. Supporting .NET 6 provides a clear path to maintain and modernize your .NET application without disruptive architectural redesign.

Modernization Path for WebSpeed Applications​

In OpenEdge 12.7, there is now support for Legacy WebSpeed mapped web objects in the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PAS for OpenEdge). If you have been unable to upgrade to OpenEdge 12 due to a lack of WebSpeed mapped web objects (relates an HTML document with forms to ABL procedures), wait no longer. With the newly added support of WebSpeed-mapped web objects, you can continue using your current WebSpeed applications with some refactoring. In contrast, you continue to plan and execute incremental evolution away from this legacy technology.

OpenEdge DevOps Framework (OEDF)​

OEDF provides the building blocks for the Continuous Integration of ABL applications and natively supports Progress Developer Studio projects, allowing a seamless transition from development to continuous integration environments and concise build logic. OEDF initially supported Procedure Libraries (PLs) for deployment and now adds the OpenEdge Developer Studio (OEDS), WAR and OpenEdge Application Archive (OEAR) as deployable packages. With OEDF, a simple build script can compile the code, fetch the dependencies, create packages and execute tests.

Don’t Miss Out!​

That’s a lot of features! OpenEdge 12.7 is now available. Check out What’s New in OpenEdge to learn more and get started today!

What's New in OpenEdge

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