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Jessica Malakian

The OpenEdge 12.8 release is packed with new features and enhancements that will help you confidently create and manage your applications more securely.

OpenEdge Application Observability with OpenTelemetry​

OpenTelemetry is a powerful and standards-based observability framework that helps you monitor and tune the performance of your applications and services. With OpenTelemetry, you can collect and transmit telemetry data, such as metrics and traces, from your distributed systems in a consistent and vendor-neutral way. You can also gain insights into the health of your Progress OpenEdge database and PAS for OpenEdge components and trace application behavior and performance to identify and optimize bottlenecks and critical areas.

OpenTelemetry allows you to use your preferred observability tools to analyze the telemetry data from your OpenEdge applications. This gives you more flexibility and control over monitoring and optimizing your application performance. It also helps standardize the collection and transmission of telemetry data for backend observability in APM (Application Performance Management) tools. This enables Progress OpenEdge applications to support the Bring Your Own, best-in-class APM tools initiative and effectively serve your diverse application performance-monitoring needs. The supported observability tools include open-source and enterprise APM tools that support OpenTelemetry.

By using OpenTelemetry, you can achieve your optimal business goals by improving the observability and performance of your applications and services. OpenTelemetry is a valuable tool for enhancing your application development and deployment experience.

Empowering ABL Developers with Kafka for OpenEdge​

OpenEdge 12.8 seamlessly integrates with Apache Kafka, one of the most powerful event-streaming platforms in the market. This integration enables your OpenEdge applications to join the event-driven architectures that use Kafka, allowing you to achieve real-time interaction and responsiveness between applications.

Event-driven architectures are essential for today's dynamic business landscape, where applications must react quickly and efficiently to changes and events. With Kafka for OpenEdge, you can stream messages from an OpenEdge application to synchronize, import and export data, send critical alerts to monitoring systems and much more. You can also use transactions to facilitate reliable and consistent delivery of messages from the ABL to a Kafka cluster.

Kafka for OpenEdge is a game-changer for ABL developers, as it allows you to leverage the power and scalability of Kafka for your OpenEdge applications. Kafka for OpenEdge is a valuable tool for enhancing your application development and deployment experience.

Elevate Data Security with Dynamic Data Masking​

Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) is a feature that helps you protect your sensitive data from unauthorized access or exposure. With DDM, you can dynamically mask your data based on user roles, permissions or preferences without affecting the underlying data or database performance.

DDM is a great solution for Security or Database Administrators who need to enable OpenEdge business applications with data privacy and integrity compliance requirements, such as GDPR, HIPAA and PIPEDA. DDM allows you to easily obfuscate the sensitive data at run time based on user role permissions, so only authorized users can view the original data. DDM also simplifies data management and helps you meet stringent data security regulations.

Try OpenEdge 12.8 Today!​

These are just some of the amazing features and enhancements that OpenEdge 12.8 offers. To experience the full potential of OpenEdge 12.8 for yourself, download it today and start developing modern applications with ease and confidence.

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