Calling A Webspeed-based Super Procedure From External Program

Is there a way to call a Webspeed-based super procedure from non-Webspeed code?

I have a Webspeed application that I would like to call from a Progress application that lives outside of Webspeed. The Webspeed application has several super procedures and is connected to a different set of databases; I'd like to avoid replicating all of this in the other Progress application if at all possible.

Is this possible? If so, can someone on the forum give me a hint on how to do that?




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I don't really understand your question, but maybe this will help:

1. Rightly or wrongly, I look at WebSpeed as 'just another Progress AppServer' with a little bit of HTTP stuff in its PROPATH so we can do things like get-value.

2. We have a small WebSpeed product and a gigantic Telnet/Win32/AppServer product. The WebSpeed product is to a large extent just a layer on top of the same code that everything else uses and they use all the same DB's, etc.

3. One thing you could do is call your WebSpeed application from Progress through HTTP, so your non-WebSpeed application would be like any other HTTP client.

This could make sense if the WebSpeed application was totally separate in every way from the other one, which is kind of what it sounds like from your description. If you want to do this, you will find Progress' support for HTTP is not that great and you end up writing some stuff by hand that you'd get for free anywhere else. There are also a lot of limitations with REST/JSON/XML support prior to v11, which can make HTTP-like work a lot more cumbersome. That said, it could very well be the way to go if the alternative is to create a bunch of database copies and such.