Trying To Debug "can't Reach This Page"

Dan Packer

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I am trying to deploy a Webspeed application, but every time I attempt to access a page through a browser, I get an error saying "Can't Reach This Page".

As far as I can tell, the PROPATH is set correctly, and I can run a page from the Workshop. However, when I attempt to run the page I get an error saying

There was a temporary DNS error. Try refreshing the page.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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I don't believe this is a WebSpeed Error.

Are you using a proxy server? There might be some DNS caching going on.

Also which browsers are you using?
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Dan Packer

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Cecil -

Thanks for the reply - To follow up - I'm not using a proxy server, and have tested in Edge, Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. In all cases, I can run HTML from the Workshop, but when I attempt to run it from the URL in a browser, the page doesn't appear. No entries are being made to the Webspeed logs to help me troubleshoot what's going on.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!