1. J

    Mutiple Database Connect Using Proenv Command Prompt In Progress 9.1e

    Hi, We can connect sql explorer through proenv cmd prompt in progress, for single database by using below syntax sqlexp –char –S port –H hostname –db database –user username –password pwd. but, how can we connect mutiple databases in sqlexplorer of Progress 9.1e. ? Actually i need to write...
  2. J

    Reg Expressions In Progress

    Hi, Is Progress 9.1e support regular expressions. Actually i need to divide the Account Number in different parts based on regular expression pattern, how can i do this in progress 9.1e? if progress supoorts reg expressions, please give me the guidance to use reg expression in sql query. Thanx.
  3. C

    Question Interfacing PHP with Progress 8.1

    Good Day, I got this client who has a legacy application with stale data on progress. The db server is on Wint NT4 and the client is on Windows NT terminal. They want to access their data , for historical research sometimes, in another method then Windows NT terminal client. Right now, both...
  4. C

    Question Progress to MySQL

    Good Day, A client of mine, as a WinNT4 box with a Progress database running on it. I do have access to box, engine seems running, licence included, however, they want me to develop a MySQL/PHP interface so they can quickly search the data, instead of using a WinNT terminal box to access this...
  5. J


    Hi, what is UPDATE TABLE STATISTICS , INDEX STATISTICS AND COLUMN STATISTICS. ? what is the use of these statistics? thanks, Jeeva
  6. J

    multiple databases using single DSN

    Hi, we are using cognos 10.2 and connecting 2 databases connections of progress 9 DB by using seperate odbc dsn. so here progress 11 have a feature of connecting multiple databases using single DSN. what is the Advantage of connecting multiple databases connections using single DSN instead of...
  7. N

    Question Opening an excel sheet using Progress code

    I want to open 3 sheets in an excel file using progress 4gl and export data into it. Currently i am generating 3 csv files which i have to mail to users. I want to generate the data in the 3 csv in a single csv or excel file with 3 sheets. Can some 1 help me out with this??
  8. Chris Kelleher

    Progress OpenEdge Documentation Set for Dash Documentation and Snippets Browser

    Updated Documentation for 11.5/11.6/11.7: I have created a docset library for the OpenEdge documentation, to...
  9. c3rberus

    Question OE 11.3 and Multi-Tenancy how-to??

    Hello, Working on enabling multi-tenancy in our environment, we are running OE 11.3.3. We have a few databases and for content ill add structure file here to support my question.. Database name: is db1 b /usr4/bi_test/db1.b1 d "Schema Area":6,64;1 /usr4/testdbs/db1.d1 a /usr4/ai_test/db1.a1...
  10. R

    How to extract Integer and character seperately from char variable?

    I have tried with the below code.But it will fail if we have multiple words in the character field. def var i as char format "x(30)" no-undo. def var v as char format "x(30)" no-undo. def var b as int no-undo. def var c as int no-undo. def var v-cleanstring as char no-undo. set i. v=...
  11. J

    Progress OpenEdge 11.4 issue with table names

    we are using progress openegde 11.4 database and ibm cognos10.2, when we are importing tables (consist of underscore(_) like Emp_Info) from progress to cognos frameworkmanager tool to create the model, it is giving the below error [DataDirect].[ODBC Progress openedge wire protocol...
  12. DCraig

    Enum conflicting with DB field name

    Hi All, I've come across a strange issue. I have a simple class i use as an enum called OrderType like so: CLASS Entity.Order.Enums.OrderType: DEFINE PUBLIC STATIC PROPERTY TestOrder AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO INIT "TESTORDER" GET. END CLASS. Which i use in code like so: MESSAGE...
  13. DCraig

    Progress Appserver Question

    Hi All, I have a .wsm file i am using to add a new web service to the progress appserver which has deployed fine. However, when i consume the web service from .net code the logical/boolean output parameter from the .p file that runs when i call the appserver web service procedure is of type...
  14. M

    SQLServer 2008R2 to Progress OpenEdge10.2

    Hi Guys We just acquired a company that has some apps running on Progress. We're a Microsoft shop and need to query the data from SQL server (in the short term). We have the following ODBC drivers installed on SQLServer, but they don't show up when I try to add a link server, or as a provider...
  15. R

    Backup of Progress OpenEdge 4GL with TSM for longer retention

    Hi, We have a customer that has a long retention (7 years) requirement for the QAD application using Progress OpenEdge 4GL database on AIX platform. We could have used the "Data Protector for Progress OpenEdge 4GL using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager" But on other customers we have a more neutral...