Support For Utf-8 Using Progress Data Server For Oracle


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I am using progress 10.2B with Oracle 9i as back end DB with use of progress data server for oracle. I created one schema holder and started it with parameters "-cpinternal UTF-8 -cpstream UTF-8 -cpterm UTF-8 -cpcase Basic -cpcoll basic". Now I am connecting same schema holder and Oracle DB (residing on same server) from editor. While connecting to Oracle i am not specifying any data service name or port number. Once connected with above configuration, i am able to update data in table in Arabic form. Now when I am using service name and port number(of orabroker residing on same server) to connect to my schema and oracle DB, i am not able to update data in Arabic and some random data like "��������" is coming. Do i need to do any changes for UTF support for Orabroker ? Are there any parameters for same?