Question Opening an excel sheet using Progress code

I want to open 3 sheets in an excel file using progress 4gl and export data into it. Currently i am generating 3 csv files which i have to mail to users. I want to generate the data in the 3 csv in a single csv or excel file with 3 sheets. Can some 1 help me out with this??


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We use Apache POI for this - basically, you turn whatever you want to Excelify into XML, and hand it to POI, which gives you back an .XLS.

It works OK, though it's unforgiving of slightly unusual data, and when it finds data it doesn't like, the error messages it gives back are even worse than Progress's. And that's saying something.

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You haven't said which platform you're on. If you are on Windows, and you have Excel installed on the client machine, probably the easiest way to do this is via COM automation. Not the fastest way if you have lots of data, but easy.