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Is Progress 9.1e support regular expressions.
Actually i need to divide the Account Number in different parts based on regular expression pattern, how can i do this in progress 9.1e?

if progress supoorts reg expressions, please give me the guidance to use reg expression in sql query.


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No Progress doesn't do Reg Ex. If you upgrade to a more modern release (11.x) then you can make use of the .Net Framework.
More info on regex stuff: Regular Expressions
Progress doesnot support Regular expression. For what it is worth, I would bypass this limitation by formatting the account number (since Account Number should be fixed length) into a set format!
For example:
<Code> STRING("ABCD123456789", "XXXX-(999)999-9999") </Code>

After that if you want to parse the string, you are free to do so.
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If you solve a problem with regular expressions you then have two problems.