Mutiple Database Connect Using Proenv Command Prompt In Progress 9.1e


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We can connect sql explorer through proenv cmd prompt in progress, for single database by using below syntax

sqlexp –char –S port –H hostname –db database –user username –password pwd.

but, how can we connect mutiple databases in sqlexplorer of Progress 9.1e. ? Actually i need to write views on multi db tables. please give me the guidence.



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As far as I know you can't connect to multiple databases with 9.1E (through a SQL 92 connection).

Progress code isn't SQL based but they do provide varying levels of support depending on the version. With V10 and up you can create a configuration file ( that will auto connect multiple databases.


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as per progress documentation, Connect statement will work for connecting the other database from sql explorer as below.

CONNECT TO "progress:T:localhost:custdb" AS "cust_conn";

but when am running this statement, it is giving the syntax error (7587). how can we write connect statement ?