SQLServer 2008R2 to Progress OpenEdge10.2


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Hi Guys

We just acquired a company that has some apps running on Progress. We're a Microsoft shop and need to query the data from SQL server (in the short term). We have the following ODBC drivers installed on SQLServer, but they don't show up when I try to add a link server, or as a provider under linked servers:

32-bit ODBC.png

64-bit ODBC.png

When I go to Linked Servers, I see:

Linked Servers.jpg

Can someone point me in right direction?




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Start with creating a data source under System DSN in "ODBC Data Source Administrator". When done and you can successfully test the ODBC connection, add a linked server with Provider="Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers", Provider String="DSN=<name of the System DSN>;password=<...>"


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We have installed openedge progress driver 10.2B driver . We have some 20 DSNs created and it was working fine with linked server in sql 2008R2 database.
But for the past last week, if we create a new DSN and connect using linked server, the SQL server crashes. I found on internet that this can happen if there are issues with progress drivers, not sure though. Can any one help me in fixing this?


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What do the various log files say?

Rob Fitzpatrick

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I found on internet that this can happen if there are issues with progress drivers
Can you be more specific? Maybe provide a link or an explanation of this?

Given that your problem has only surfaced in the last week, which presumably means things were working fine before that (with the same drivers?) I think it is unlikely that your issue is caused by a systemic flaw in Progress software. Ask yourself: what changed in my environment in the last week?