Promon Backup error

Gowtham Raj

New Member
Hello All,

We are using progress version 9.1D and when the backup is running we used to check the backup completion percentage in promon. As of now, we are facing some issue that in promon back up completion % is showing in minus(-).

upto 60% it is shown normally after that it becomes -40% then -20% then -5% and finally backup got completed. Can somebody tell why it is coming like this? How to resolve this one?

Please find the attached screenshot. Thanks in advance.



V9 PROMON is known to have issues with integer overflow when some counters become large (“large” in relation to what was considered large in the 1990s...). This results in unexpected negative numbers.

You should upgrade. V9 is ancient, obsolete, and unsupported. Your customer’s safety, security, and data integrity are all at risk.