1. Gowtham Raj

    How to grep the date and backup from log file?

    Is there any way or we can write a script available that can pull the PROGRESS BACKUP STATUS INFO from the log file? I did a grep on “BACKUP” and it pulls the correct information, but unfortunately, there is no time date stamp associated. The end goal would look like this: Selection Date...
  2. Gowtham Raj

    Promon Backup error

    While we taking the online backup through probkup, We used to check the backup completion percentage in promon. While checking we found that up to 50% the bkup completion percentage is going in positive, after that the completion percentage is showing on negative. Please find the below...
  3. Gowtham Raj

    Promon Backup error

    Hello All, We are using progress version 9.1D and when the backup is running we used to check the backup completion percentage in promon. As of now, we are facing some issue that in promon back up completion % is showing in minus(-). upto 60% it is shown normally after that it becomes -40%...
  4. Gowtham Raj

    Question What is the difference between After image and Incremental backup?

    What is the difference between Afterimage and Incremental backup? Explain briefly.
  5. P

    Question Experience With Data Protector

    I 'm looking for people with experience of data protector Data Protector is a plugin to write Progress backup directly to TSM . All I can find is the supplier documentation
  6. R

    Backup of Progress OpenEdge 4GL with TSM for longer retention

    Hi, We have a customer that has a long retention (7 years) requirement for the QAD application using Progress OpenEdge 4GL database on AIX platform. We could have used the "Data Protector for Progress OpenEdge 4GL using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager" But on other customers we have a more neutral...
  7. Arunselvan

    Online backup size and offline backup size differs.

    Hi All, We use OpenEdge 10.2B. We have a Asynchronous replication setup (One source and Two targets). We are taking online Backup of source database on every Sunday. And we take offline backup of one Target every day (While taking offline backup we disable replication and we enable it once...