Online backup size and offline backup size differs.


Hi All,

We use OpenEdge 10.2B. We have a Asynchronous replication setup (One source and Two targets). We are taking online Backup of source database on every Sunday. And we take offline backup of one Target every day (While taking offline backup we disable replication and we enable it once the backup completes).

The online backup of source is 11 GB bigger than offline backup of target. I checked .lg file and also using DSRUTIL. I couldn't found any error or packet losses.

Is this normal?
would online backup size be always higher than offline backup?
or could there be any data loss?


Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Online backup backs up the BI file; offline does not.

Check the size of your BI file. If it is that large your should probably truncate it and then grow it back to a more reasonable size.

If you want to convince yourself that your backups are good (and you should) then restore and open them on a different machine on a regular basis.