Backup of Progress OpenEdge 4GL with TSM for longer retention

What format to use for storing backups with long retention

  • export?

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  • classic backup / restore?

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We have a customer that has a long retention (7 years) requirement for the QAD application using Progress OpenEdge 4GL database on AIX platform.

We could have used the "Data Protector for Progress OpenEdge 4GL using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager"
But on other customers we have a more neutral format such as Oracle "export" function.

Please suggest what is the most appropriate method for this.

Regards Tomas


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The progress binary dump is similar to the Oracle export for table data.
proutil <dbname> -C dump <tablename> <dump location>


Archiving is highly sensitive to the application - just having the data saved somewhere probably won't be much use if you actually need that data for some purpose.