1. kasundha

    Speedup For Each Code

    Hi, I have a openedge code and it gets more than 10 hours to run. first table has 40K + records and other tables have about 5 records per each record of first table. can you give me any suggestion to improve the efficiency of this code. -------------------- FOR EACH corpdata.ArrearsRpt...
  2. J

    ABLUnit testcase for multiple inputs

    ABLUnit testcase wrapper for multiple inputs is not working as expected. For example : I wrote the test case for complete Customer detail Information Validation and having 1000 Customer ID detail in input CSV file (which is the actual result expected) . In ABLunit sampletest.p i'm reading the...
  3. A

    jQuery events are not invoking in WebSpeed(HTML Mapping)

    Hi, I want to use jQuery in existing webspeed application, that was developed in HTML mapping, currently this application is using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Progress. But now i want to use jQuery in this but jQuery events are not invoking. Could you please help me on this. Thanks & Regards...
  4. Sayanil Datta

    Getting frequent errors from SQL Server 2016 while connecting to progress database using openedge driver

    Getting frequent errors from SQL Server 2016 while connecting to progress database using openedge driver: 1)An error occurred while preparing the query "Select * from XXXX where XXX.XXXXX='XXXXXXX'" for execution against OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "ProgressDB". 2)Cannot execute...
  5. N

    Question Openedge Software Support

    Hi everyone - I am evaluating different software platforms and I wanted to see how well OpenEdge compares to other offerings in the marketplace. Curious to see how the company has done in terms of investing in the product - do they provide relevant updates to the software as well as support...
  6. G

    Question Slow Database In New Server

    Hi, recently we change our databases to a new server but the startup and the queries are extremely slow, even tho the hardware is better than before. We lack knowledge about databases, we manage our clients services and remote connection as well as other services but we do not know about...
  7. R

    How To Get Screen Value Of A Pervious Field In The Next Field In A Form?

    Def var v-loc as char no-undo. Def var v-enddate as date no-undo. Def var v-routerpubs as char initial “/homs/cbcbc/” no-undo. Def var v-newrouter as char initial “/home/hgda/” no-undo. repeat: form " LOCATION : " v-Loc help "Enter Product, or Press F2 for lookup."...
  8. B

    Answered Oe Replication Extents

    HP-UX B.11.31 (Itanium) Progress 10.2B. Hi, I'm looking into implementing OpenEdge Replication Plus on HP-UX. I've been reading through some of the documentation and some forums posts. I'm unclear on a few points and I'm hoping somebody might be able to set me straight: - Is it better to use...
  9. N

    Very Urgent Issue. Kindly Reply Asap

    We are trying to login into QADEE using a cim file. {mfdtitle.i} INPUT FROM "/Oa/users/123.cim" . OUTPUT TO "/Oa/users/iltscript.out". RUN mf.p . OUTPUT CLOSE. INPUT CLOSE. 123.cim contains the details of the users its password domain and the program to execute. "userid" "password" "domain"...
  10. J

    Materialized Views In Progress

    Hi, Is it possible to create materialized views in progress openedge. if it is possible, how can we create it. please suggest me. thanks.
  11. N

    Error While Resolving The Issue

    Hi all, I have an isuue, can anyone help me buddy. with the concern explaination Requirement: 1) To delete terminated orders codes from requested status of active order records,These are appearing while doing the active orders. 2) Also, Need to prevent the system from selecting the...
  12. B

    OpenEdge Developer

    Wyman-Gordon, located in Grafton MA, is a major industrial manufacturer serving a wide range of industries including aerospace, power generation, and industrial businesses. Wyman-Gordon Grafton is a 1 million sq. ft. manufacturing facility with a 50,000 ton press, 35,000 ton press and 18,000 ton...
  13. Chris Kelleher

    Progress OpenEdge Documentation Set for Dash Documentation and Snippets Browser

    Updated Documentation for 11.5/11.6/11.7: I have created a docset library for the OpenEdge documentation, to...
  14. J

    Progress OpenEdge 11.4 issue with table names

    we are using progress openegde 11.4 database and ibm cognos10.2, when we are importing tables (consist of underscore(_) like Emp_Info) from progress to cognos frameworkmanager tool to create the model, it is giving the below error [DataDirect].[ODBC Progress openedge wire protocol...
  15. davidvilla

    Question Dynamic Field Handle for array fields

    Hi I am trying to set fields dynamically in a table with array fields. I am not sure, how to represent an element of the array field when setting the field handle. Here is my example. define temp-table tt1 fields fld1 as int extent 3. define variable bh-tt1 as handle no-undo. define variable...
  16. R

    Backup of Progress OpenEdge 4GL with TSM for longer retention

    Hi, We have a customer that has a long retention (7 years) requirement for the QAD application using Progress OpenEdge 4GL database on AIX platform. We could have used the "Data Protector for Progress OpenEdge 4GL using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager" But on other customers we have a more neutral...