Promon Backup error

Gowtham Raj

New Member
While we taking the online backup through probkup, We used to check the backup completion percentage in promon. While checking we found that up to 50% the bkup completion percentage is going in positive, after that the completion percentage is showing on negative. Please find the below screenshot and do the needful.

Progress Version = 9.1D
DB block size = 1k



9.1D is ancient, obsolete and unsupported. You should upgrade immediately. Continuing to run such an old version is irresponsible. Your data is at risk.

9.1D is also known to suffer from many "integer overflow" situations in PROMON. When certain counters become large the values overflow and they start showing as negative numbers.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Rather than using promon, you can use the current size of the backup file, as a percentage of the typical backup size, as a rough gauge of how the backup is proceeding.

I agree with Tom that you should upgrade to a modern release of OpenEdge, on a modern platform, as soon as you can. When you do, be sure to dump and load your database into a proper Type II structure and this time do not use a database block size of 1 or 2 KB!


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Uggg. Even if you are stuck on Progress 9, run a dump and load to move from a 1kb block size to 4 or 8kb.

Next step would be to look at the structure file and see if everything is in the schema area...