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    rowid in promon

    Hello, I am trying to find a record that is showing in promon --> 4 entry in the table using rowid But its not finding the record. am I missing anything here? Usr:Ten Name Domain Chain # Rowid Table:Part Lock Flags Tran State Tran ID 9562...
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    Promon Backup error

    While we taking the online backup through probkup, We used to check the backup completion percentage in promon. While checking we found that up to 50% the bkup completion percentage is going in positive, after that the completion percentage is showing on negative. Please find the below...
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    Promon Backup error

    Hello All, We are using progress version 9.1D and when the backup is running we used to check the backup completion percentage in promon. As of now, we are facing some issue that in promon back up completion % is showing in minus(-). upto 60% it is shown normally after that it becomes -40%...
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    Promon not working

    We are using Progress version 11.6 and while doing promon in Enter your selection row we are getting the error hostname with path, We are unable to proceed with the option Please find the attached screenshot and provide some suggestions,