1. L

    Application Compiler returning error 855

    Good morning, I would like to see if someone can give me a direction. I'm trying to learn Progress 9.x by myself and created 2 small procedures: test1.p - has the CONNECT statement to the database and a RUN statement calling the test2.p test2.p - has only one line with a FIND FIRST calling one...
  2. Gowtham Raj

    Promon Backup error

    Hello All, We are using progress version 9.1D and when the backup is running we used to check the backup completion percentage in promon. As of now, we are facing some issue that in promon back up completion % is showing in minus(-). upto 60% it is shown normally after that it becomes -40%...
  3. Z

    Error Find first/Last failed for table (565) when used in a METHOD of a CLASS

    Hi, I am trying to run a program, where a method that is used in this class is defined. CLASS classname: CONSTRUCTOR classname(): method2(). END CONSTRUCTOR. METHOD PRIVATE LOG method1(): ..... FIND FIRST tablename NO-LOCK. ..... END METHOD. METHOD method2()...