List of program run in batch mode


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Dear All,

I need to extract the list of program which run in batch mode in my application. How can I write a small query using progress 4GL to achieve this task.
Anyone can please help me on this.


Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
First off, I don't think you're going to write a query to do this, unless your application already writes information about run and publish statements, method and function invocations, etc. to a table.

Also, maybe a minor point: individual programs don't run in batch mode; ABL clients do. So if you wanted a list of all code run by batch-mode clients, you would first have to ensure you enumerate all of them and know how they are invoked.

Do you want a list of the programs/routines run by one or more batch-mode clients? You could look at the Log Manager's 4GLTrace log entry type. This is documented in the Debugging and Troubleshooting manual (and here: It can be invoked programmatically or via a client startup parameter. It will write to the client log, which you will then have to parse.

Ashwani Mishra

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You will find the same trace parameters in above shared linked.

Just to make it handy add below in batch startup pf file (make sure you do this Dev / test environment). As trace log files grow faster.
Use below in .pf file

-clientlog c:\temp\4gltrace.log
-logginglevel 4
-logentrytypes DB.Connects,4GLMessages,4GLTrans,4GLTrace

Turn it off once you get the trace file and parse it to get the list of programs. In program you can achieve the same with LOG-MANAGER.