Resolved DataSet on Class ERROR


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Hello there!

I used a progress tool to convert a xml file to a .i (temp-tables + dataset).

After doing it, i tried reading a xml file with data and export it again to see if everything was as expected and it was.

However, when i referenced that include in a class i get the following error while checking syntax on the Progress Developer studio (image1)

and this error when checking syntax in a normal editor (image 2)

I'm going to add the files so you could test it out.

I have several other examples that work just fine but this one seems to be odd, since checking synxtax on the include, or even using the include in a .p file works just fine.

Does anyone has any idea why do i get this error?



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hey again.
In case anyone happens to encounter this error, this is the resolution discovered by "Stefan Drissen" :

FIELD CompanyNameTemp           AS CHARACTER
XML-NODE-NAME "CompanyName":U
FIELD ProductVersionTemp        AS CHARACTER
XML-NODE-NAME "ProductVersion":U

Apparently the Form class i was inheriting in the sb534-95.cls class has some properties that were colliding with some of the temp-table fields.