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    How to find out if record is locked

    Hello community, by a PHP Application i want to update a dataset inside a Progress-Table, that is working generally. But it is possible to work on the same dataset inside our EPR-System that locks the dataset. Now when i want to update the dataset this i get this error. SQL error...
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    Using dataset of buffers of temp-tables passed with binding

    Hi everyone, I have a dataset which I am passing to another procedure using BIND. In that procedure, I need to define a dataset on a subset of the first dataset's temp-tables; however, Progress does not let me put the same buffer in two datasets so I must define the new dataset on new named...
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    Write-xml: Exporting A Single Dataset Record

    Is there any way to export a single dataset record, either using WRITE-XML or some other method? The code below is a simplified example of what I'm trying to do: Export each tt1 and associated tt2 data into individual files, each file with a single tt record and its associated td records. The...
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    Error Error - 7317 - Dataset issue - Noobie.

    I have tried to create a dataset fill example however i keep running into the same error: When i run the code below I get the following error: ADD/SET-BUFFERS may not be used on static query qTradep. The results i get back are in the attachments, The customer table is filled with 0(s) instead...