1. P

    Resolved DataSet on Class ERROR

    Hello there! I used a progress tool to convert a xml file to a .i (temp-tables + dataset). After doing it, i tried reading a xml file with data and export it again to see if everything was as expected and it was. However, when i referenced that include in a class i get the following error...
  2. A

    Compiling a cls USING itself

    Hi, I have an issue felated to compilation, classes and USING keyword / packages. I'm trying to compile a class located in a sub-directory. This class contains a "USING" phrase referencing to itself : /*testClasss.cls*/ USING testCompileUsing.Classes.testClass. CLASS testClass : END...
  3. Rutger Olthuis

    Question Openedge Oo Classes On Appserver Called From (windows) Client Application

    I just started to dive into the world of OOP with OpenEdge and bumped into something. How do I instantiate objects of classes that reside on the AppServer from my window client application? Is this even possible or do I have to use some kind of procedural proxies to handle this?
  4. P

    Resolved Explain property and data member differences and when to use final

    Hi all, I have been asked to do some coding on a project that uses classes. It has been a while since I did OOP in college and when I did before it was with java. I am struggling to understand a few concepts and I have a few questions that maybe one of you could answer. Just to explain what...
  5. DCraig

    Enum conflicting with DB field name

    Hi All, I've come across a strange issue. I have a simple class i use as an enum called OrderType like so: CLASS Entity.Order.Enums.OrderType: DEFINE PUBLIC STATIC PROPERTY TestOrder AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO INIT "TESTORDER" GET. END CLASS. Which i use in code like so: MESSAGE...
  6. Cecil

    Question OOABL, How do I inherit multiple classes?

    I have a selection of independent class objects which all different functionality and I want to create a new class object which inherits one or more of them. How do I do this, I keep ending up at 'interfaces' but I don't think that's what I want. Here is what I'm trying to do: /**...
  7. Z

    Error Find first/Last failed for table (565) when used in a METHOD of a CLASS

    Hi, I am trying to run a program, where a method that is used in this class is defined. CLASS classname: CONSTRUCTOR classname(): method2(). END CONSTRUCTOR. METHOD PRIVATE LOG method1(): ..... FIND FIRST tablename NO-LOCK. ..... END METHOD. METHOD method2()...