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Piew - Free Progress Code Editor

Discussion in 'Development' started by PDECODE, Mar 29, 2009.


    PDECODE Member

    5.11 - [04.04.2017]
    + Added button for quick opening site with Visual Studio color schemes
    + Added new setting "Piew is running on Server Core (Windows) installation". It will fix error when you try use open save dialog
    * Added error catching for generic run actions
    * Fixed saving colors for TEXT scheme
    * Fixed version parsing on "Check for updates" (homepage was slightly updated)

    5.11a - [07.04.2017]
    * just updated run.p (run, check & compile was not working)

    5.12 - [10.04.2017]
    * updated sending of parameter "-param" to run.p (there was again problem with run, check & compile). Now i send it as the last parameter, because PROGRESS take it all after this command as part of the parameter (ignores "")

    5.13 - [17.04.2017]
    + Added "Track Changes in margin" feature. If you edit some line a small color square appear on the left margin. Yellow - line was changed, Green - changed line was saved. It will last until you close file. It's very simple based, so there can be some glitches. If you return line to original state, line stay marked because in past there were changes so mark don't disappear

    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
  2. dendroidking

    dendroidking New Member

    Awsome, thanks alot with your update ;)

    PDECODE Member

    5.14 - [27.04.2017]
    + Added support for DOS codepage CP850 (Latin-1, Western European languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish). Please confirm me somebody that Russian CP866 is still working after this update :)
    + Added new DarkBlue theme
    + Possibility set line numbers color (it's "Current line" foreground color in settings) Now looks line numbers better for the eyes, they are not so contrast as before
    * Updated all themes - tweaked line numbers colors (just import your theme again)
    * Updated converter for Visual Studio color schemes (v1.10). Now accept also line numbers color

    5.15 - [01.05.2017]

    + Added custom color settings for "Track Changes in margin" feature. There was some bad behavior on default theme - yellow is hard to see on yellow background :)
    * Updated all themes - tweaked changes colors (just import your theme again)
    + In TEXT highlighter added bookmark margin, it was not visible

    5.16 - [02.06.2017]
    * Fixed problem with initialising some fonts that doesn't support style Regular
    + Added custom color settings for "highlight occurrence by double-click" feature (it's "Selection" foreground color in settings)
    * Updated all themes - tweaked highlight occurrence colors (just import your theme again)

    5.17 - [23.07.2017]
    + Added context menu to file explorer for file/folder operations
    + Added new file functionality to file explorer: Rename (F2), Create new folder, Cut (move), Copy and Paste
    + Main PROPATH folder in file explorer is now uppercased and bold for better overview (if it's turned On)
    * Fixed refresh inside PROPATH folder in file explorer (don't jump outside)
    + Added tooltip over search textbox in file explorer with information about total searched files, load and search time
    + In Project explorer moved some actions from Toolbar to context menu (New File, New Folder, Remove, Project properties)
    + Double click on Project item in Project explorer now open Project properties
    * In Project explorer changed name for Delete action to Remove (was confusing)
    + Code, Database & Project explorers have now full row selection indicator
    + Right mouse click on nodes in Code, Database & Project explorers now can select items
    + Updated syntax highlighter keywords to Openedge 11.7
    + Updated docking system (2.16)
    + If you are searching files and focus is inside file list, pressing ESC here can exit search mode (before only inside search textbox)


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