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Piew - Free Progress Code Editor

Discussion in 'Development' started by PDECODE, Mar 29, 2009.


    PDECODE Member

    5.11 - [04.04.2017]
    + Added button for quick opening site with Visual Studio color schemes
    + Added new setting "Piew is running on Server Core (Windows) installation". It will fix error when you try use open save dialog
    * Added error catching for generic run actions
    * Fixed saving colors for TEXT scheme
    * Fixed version parsing on "Check for updates" (homepage was slightly updated)

    5.11a - [07.04.2017]
    * just updated run.p (run, check & compile was not working)

    5.12 - [10.04.2017]
    * updated sending of parameter "-param" to run.p (there was again problem with run, check & compile). Now i send it as the last parameter, because PROGRESS take it all after this command as part of the parameter (ignores "")

    5.13 - [17.04.2017]
    + Added "Track Changes in margin" feature. If you edit some line a small color square appear on the left margin. Yellow - line was changed, Green - changed line was saved. It will last until you close file. It's very simple based, so there can be some glitches. If you return line to original state, line stay marked because in past there were changes so mark don't disappear

    Piew - Free PROGRESS Code Editor

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  2. dendroidking

    dendroidking New Member

    Awsome, thanks alot with your update ;)

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