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Piew - Free Progress Code Editor

Discussion in 'Development' started by PDECODE, Mar 29, 2009.


    PDECODE Member

    4.80 - [26.10.2016]
    + New version dll (
    + Support for Single-line comments (OpenEdge v11.6)
    + Added XML beautifier
    (warning, XML header will be added or updated to: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>)
    + Added new type of braces <> for automatic brace matching (in XML highlighter is < /> not working, just < >)
    * Heavy rewritten and simplified highlighting styles (if some of your previous color disappear, just use reset or import new theme)
    + Added new predefined themes for HTML, XML and TEXT files (black, gray, white & Pascal theme)
    + Added slightly different background color for HTML embedded scripts
    * Fixed import/export HTML, XML and TEXT themes
    * Each theme has now your own Selection & Current line color (problem with different color themes)
    * Updated state of Tools icons (enabled / disabled) based on current highlighter
    * Fixed bug that char "9" cause end of keyword
    * Rewritten "Remove comments", now it's based on current syntax highlighter
    * Fixed export source to HTML
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2016
  2. I was using Notepad++ or EditPlus but for last 6 months am using only Piew - I find this one really good.

    I'm facing one issue on this editor - when I start to write a .cls file syntax highlighting is fine but the moment I close the Piew editor and re-open all the syntax highlighting is gone and after that even if I make changes to the code it doesn't show any syntax highlighting. I am using version 4.80. Is that the issue and will it work fine on a higher version or is it a bug to be fixed?

    PDECODE Member

    Syntax highlighter is automatically selected on file extension. Maybe you have some unusual extension? You can still select syntax from the menu View \ Highlighter.
    Send me all details, screenshots to mail (use Piew About menu) i look on your issue.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2016
  4. GomuMKY

    GomuMKY New Member

    I can't run the procedure file because there is an error : File not found.
    I have to check the setting command line, how to fix it?

    Attached Files:


    PDECODE Member

    It's because you don't edit default Piew settings.
    You need edit these paths and correct them to your real PROGRESS environment. For Run and Check you need valid PROGRESS installation! Some example are inside run.p and syntax.p in Piew dir. You must also understand how to run PROGRESS files, some basic knowledge is needed. It's just simple command-line, so if you get working outside then you get working also in Piew.

    What i can see from screenshot is that you run it direct from zip archive (it's extracted by RAR to TEMP directory). You need extract it to some stable directory and edit Piew Settings based on your current environment.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2016

    PDECODE Member

    4.90 - [27.12.2016]
    + Added 3 new main application themes (Blue, Dark, Light, Native). Blue is now default so if you like previous theme go to settings and select Native or Light (Dark theme now looks better, see pic bellow)
    + Rewritten all explorers (Code, Db, Project). Now you can show them all in the same time (they are dockable)
    * Icons are changed to support new themes
    * Project icon slightly changed
    * Better palette for random tab colors (more pastel looking colors)
    * Application now run on NET Framework 3.5 (before 2.0)
    * Updated (Docking system 2.12)
    - Removed file icons from tabs (+ settings for this)
    - Fixed loading file from Project Explorer (double-click on file)
    - Fixed enabled state of Rename action on empty environment
    - Fixed refreshing code explorer by returning from non Progress syntax window (xml, text)
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2017
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  7. ezequiel

    ezequiel Member

    Piew is, looks and feels more and more sophisticated, congratulations!
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  8. JoseKreif

    JoseKreif Member

    Nice work. Still using and love Piew.
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    PDECODE Member

    4.95 - [01.01.2017] - Happy New Year!
    + Simplified calling PROGRESS from Piew (less parameters to get working)
    + Disabling Run/Check icons when running PROGRESS
    + New PROGRESS Run/Check helper (now is just single file: run.p for both actions, syntax.p is droped. If you use your own run.p please update it)
    * New setting for PROGRESS executable path and one for extra parameters. (Run/Check settings are droped) If you use Run/Check functionality you need set this options again in settings. Also project files has the same change, you need correct these settings. To see old setings you can use old Piew version. Piew now automatically append "-param" argument with own values when running PROGRESS.
    + Added new menu commands for calling PROGRESS applications: Data Dictionary, Procedure Editor, AppBuilder, Data Administration, Application Compiler
    ! Fixed opening new instances of Piew by Run/Check action with option "Allow only 1 copy of Piew at a time" = Off


    PS: if you use custom *.ini, *.pf to Run/Check from Piew, edit run.p in Piew directory and comment line with propath setting. Detailed description is inside run.p.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
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  10. Not sure if this is to do something with configuration - when I do a Ctrl + F and search for a word in a .p file that is opened in Piew it highlights the first occurrence and takes me to the place but the dialog box gets closed. If I had to search the next occurrence I got to press Ctrl + F again. If I have to search all the occurrences (say 50 times the word is in that file) of a particular word in a file should I press Ctrl + F 50 times and hit enter. In Eclipse, OE Studio, Notepad++, EditPlus etc all I had to do is to press Ctrl + F once, then put in the word and start hitting 'Enter' it takes me to all 50 occurrences without closing the dialog box.

    Is it a feature that you are yet to implement in Piew or is it already there and am I missing something here? Please advise.

    PDECODE Member

    It's working like this:
    - Find (Ctrl + F) - search dialog, just for first search
    - Find Next (F3) - this is your 50 times
    - Find Previous (Shift + F3)

    It's simple, just look to Piew menu where you have shortcuts. Even PROGRESS editor works like this (Ctrl+F, Next - F9, Prev - Shift+F9, Dialog is closing on find)

    You can try also this, just place cursor to some string and you can search without search dialog (fast searching):
    - Find next word under cursor (Ctrl + F3)
    - Find previous word under cursor (Ctrl + Shift + F3)

    Maybe some setting: "Don't close find dialog after find", but i think F3 is common windows application shortcut for Find next.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2017
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  12. Oh okay. Thanks for the explanation.

    As am not using Progress Editor much; I am not used to this. :)

    PDECODE Member

    4.96 - [04.01.2017]
    ! Fixed bug with Run/Check where was missing end quotation mark (") at -param command line
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2017

    PDECODE Member

    4.97 - [08.01.2017]
    + Added settings for default CRLF endings
    + Added button/menu for Compile (updated run.p)
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2017
  15. ForEachInvoiceDelete

    ForEachInvoiceDelete Active Member

    Went to download latest version and keep getting unexpected end of archive.

    Winrar and 7 zip

    PDECODE Member

    It's because your download fail. Exact file size is: 1 176 086 bytes. Try download it again (beware of cached downloads, browser can "download" each time old damaged file) Also checked/downloaded the server package and it's OK. If you have problems i can send you latest version (just send me mail)

    PDECODE Member

    5.00 - [02.02.2017]
    + Added file explorer
    + Added powerful search ability to file explorer (regex, subfolders, propath)
    * Custom PROGRESS file association has now extra button in settings
    * Project icon slightly changed
    * .p files now have blue icon and all other defined icons (not *.w, *.i) will have gray
    * Function "Try open selection as file" (F4) searches file first in the current directory and then in Propath
    * Color of explorers, line numbers and folding margin is now set by theme not by PROGRESS syntax highlighter (better look)
    + Added check for duplicity in Propath
    * Adjusted folding margin width
    * For documents of type text decreased folding margin to get little bit more space

    File explorer:

    Search in action:
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017

    PDECODE Member

    5.01 - [08.02.2017]
    + Added shortcuts to file explorer for actions: Delete file/directory (Del) and Refresh (F5)
    + Added shortcuts to all explorers (Code, File, Db, Project)
    + On refresh select previous selected file if it's possible
    + Added error message by loading project if something fail
    + Added project files to file history (MRU)
    * Fixed crash issue in file explorer if you try in search mode delete file without file selection
    * Fixed crash by loading old projects (previous version)
    * Fixed missing "Save changes to current project?" message on exit
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2017

    PDECODE Member

    5.02 - [08.02.2017]
    * Fixed problem with initializing Propath by using custom profile.ini file from command line

    5.03 - [08.03.2017]
    + Added shortcut to code explorer for Refresh (F5)
    + Added shortcut (F12) for switching between code editor and explorers
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2017

    PDECODE Member

    5.10 - [24.03.2017]
    + Added converter for Visual Studio color schemes - Studio Styles - Visual Studio color schemes. Check in Piew directory for \Themes\Converter.exe. You can browse online for ~4000 schemes, or you can create some by yourself and use it in Piew
    * Again simplified configuration files for schemes. Now each scheme has only one file for all highlighters (PROGRESS, TEXT, HTML, XML)
    * Updated selection and annotations colors in included schemes (reset or import scheme for better look)
    * Registry settings moved back from Piew3 to Piew (previous registry key is deleted if exist)
    + If you need find Piew path you can read it from registry, value "Path": HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Piew\Settings this value is saved after using menu Settings in Piew
    * Fixed missing highlighting on some HTML elements (ASP Start Tag)
    * Selection is now rendered with alpha transparency instead of solid color
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2017

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