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Piew - Free Progress Code Editor

Discussion in 'Development' started by PDECODE, Mar 29, 2009.


    PDECODE Member

    Piew is free PROGRESS 4GL/ABL code editor for Windows with some basic and additional features that support syntax highlighting. Why another editor? Sometime you don't want load whole PROGRESS environment just for small change, for source viewing or maybe you want use some features that are not available in basic PROGRESS editor. Free for personal, business or commercial use.

    - basic editor functions
    - tabbed interface (multiple opened files at one time)
    - syntax highlighting for PROGRESS, HTML, XML files (comments, numbers, keywords, strings)
    - highlight occurrence of double-clicked word or define your own string in document
    - auto case keywords (lower, UPPER, Title)
    - auto complete
    - annotations inside editor
    - insert Timestamp, Filename, File contents, Defined text (e.g. headers)
    - drag & drop files
    - drag & drop text editing
    - write protected mode (to avoid accidental overwrite)
    - basic regular expression search and replace
    - find next/previous word under cursor (without search dialog)
    - useful word, line and block editing shortcuts
    - move lines
    - hide lines
    - rectangular selection (Alt + Mouse)
    - multiple selections with (Ctrl + Mouse)
    - simultaneously typing into Rectangular selections or multiple selections
    - zoom functions
    - (un)indenting
    - (un)commenting
    - auto indent
    - file explorer with powerful search ability (regex, subfolders, propath)
    - PROGRESS source beautify (auto indenting blocks)
    - XML beautifier
    - you can automatically remove comments from source code
    - you can automatically remove empty lines from source code
    - auto case source (if was written with no case)
    - align DEFINE VARIABLE, ASSIGN lines (beautify)
    - check syntax, run and compile source in PROGRESS environment
    - direct run Data Dictionary, Procedure Editor, AppBuilder, Data Administration and Application Compiler from editor
    - bookmarks
    - export source as HTML
    - color (syntax highlighting) or black & white printing
    - show line numbers
    - show whitespace
    - always on top
    - track changes in margin
    - if you have selected some word, you can press F1 to call PROGRESS internal help from this editor. (You must define path to PROGRESS help files lgrfeng.hlp or lgrfeng.chm)
    - supports Unix (LF), Windows (CRLF) or Mac (CR) line endings
    - restore last opened files on start
    - open selected string as new file (searching in Propath)
    - option to open files in "Write protected mode"
    - code explorer - fast navigation through Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Temp-Tables tree
    - long line marker
    - aliases (abbreviations)
    - outside changes detection
    - brace highlighting
    - UTF-8 encoding support
    - full screen editing
    - run external tools from editor
    - custom profiles
    - autocomplete dialog for database, table and field names
    - database browser, with data type information
    - support for reading Progress data definitions (*.df files) for database browser / autocomplete
    - projects support
    - windows docking
    - clone window (window splitter)
    - task marker - highlighting special words in comments

    Read more information in Readme.txt, Current version 5.17 - [23.07.2017]
    Download: Piew - Free PROGRESS Code Editor

    Visit and like Facebook page Progress Tools | Facebook if you are interested for news, support or updates.


    Database autocomplete dialog, database explorer (from offline dump):

    Windows docking, project files support:

    Various color schemes:

    Task marker - highlight defined words in comments:

    Run Data Dictionary, Procedure Editor, AppBuilder, Data Administration and Application Compiler from editor:
    Powerful search ability in file explorer (regex, subfolders, propath):

    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
  3. KnutHandsome

    KnutHandsome New Member

    I really like the viewer, thank you, more useful for Progress files than my normal PSPad/NotePad++.

    Important functionality I would like: Print facility.

    One of the main reasons I used to use PSPad a lot was so I could print with coloured syntax. PSPad no longer works for me (it bugs out), and the main reason I tested your util was in the hope of coloured printing.

    At the moment I'm having to load up Architect to do it.

    PDECODE Member

    No problem, i will try add it in next version, this was only "first working release", i have some ideas that i want add later ...
  5. KnutHandsome

    KnutHandsome New Member

    You, sir, are a star.

    PDECODE Member

    New version:

    2.1 - [06.04.2009]
    + Show whitespace
    + Show/hide line numbers
    + Setting tabulator width
    + Insert tabs as spaces
    * Set focus after options dialog
    + (Un)comment single line if no selection
    + (Un)indent single line if no selection
    + Color & BW printing support
  7. KnutHandsome

    KnutHandsome New Member

    Re: New version:

    Yep! Works fine - Excellent, thank you!
  8. king_kong

    king_kong New Member

    Excellent editor.....

    Can FTP be included?? It will help a lot for many of us
  9. joey.jeremiah

    joey.jeremiah ProgressTalk Moderator Staff Member

    Wow !!!!!!
  10. ezequiel

    ezequiel Member

  11. ezequiel

    ezequiel Member

    I was doing something wrong, I'm sorry.

    The viewer looks great, so far.
  12. ezequiel

    ezequiel Member


    In Procedure Editor, I like very much the area selection using right mouse button.

    It is possible to include in PIEW?


    PDECODE Member

    Rectangular block selection:
    with mouse - ALT + Mouse
    with keyboard - ALT + SHIFT + cursors
  14. ezequiel

    ezequiel Member


    Thank you


    PDECODE Member

    New version:

    2.2 - [18.04.2009]
    + Bookmarks (very handy !)
    + Check Syntax in PROGRESS environment
    + Run program in PROGRESS environment
    + Customize buttons
    * After new or load file, display instantly filename in caption
    + Jump to position from command line
    + Some settings moved from reg to ini (Help file, Defined text)
    (use new piew.ini, if you have already some setting (color ..) then just copy it from old)
  16. everal

    everal New Member


    thanks for your great editor.
    at the moment I try to include your editor in our development-environment.

    i have same questions.

    how i change the workspace for piew, becouse it set to piew-folder (when i will push the button "open")?

    how i can close a file that is recent open, i can only exit the program, how i can open more than one file in one piew process?

    how i can fully replace the progress editor, so progress called your editor ?

    Only two error-messages display sometimes when i use your great tool

    first error message dsiplay when i use the "CHECK SYNTAX" Command.
    second error message display when i use the "RUN" Command, (i think is a problem with connect to the database).

    german original error-message

    Kompilierung abgebrochen. SAVE nicht angegeben und r-Code Datei vorhanden: "Name" (468)
    OK ---------------------------

    translated it means:
    compile is broken. save not specify and r-code file is exist.

    german original error-message

    ** Die Datenbank "Name" wird im Single-User Modus benutzt. (263)

    OK ---------------------------

    translated it means:
    the database "Name" is used in single-user modus (263)

    Today your Piew Editor can Run our source-files and check the Syntax for it, but the calll occured external at the moment. i hope you can give further information do integrate your tool stable in our environment.

    very good editor,
    thanks for developing...


    PDECODE Member

    maybe i can store last used dir and then always when you push "open" it use last used one (but when i compare it with other editors it's common thing)
    i put it in new version.

    if you don't need edit anymore you can close app, open another file or start write new one ... maybe i can add close button but it will be same as "NEW" button

    currently is supported only one opened file but you can open multiple piew processes.

    you can't replace it, but you can associate progress source files (*.p, *.w, *.i) that are default opened by Piew and not PROGRESS

    all errors displayed after CHECK SYNTAX or RUN are from PROGRESS environment and are caused by your source (syntax errors, paths etc ...) or by wrong PROGRESS settings (paths ...)

    PDECODE Member

    New version:

    2.3 - [07.06.2009]
    + Auto complete
    + Open/Save in last used dir
    * Set focus back to editor on help error message
    * "Save As" now select right extension in Save dialog
    * Changed shortcut for keyword help F1 -> Shift+F1
  19. gnome

    gnome Member

    I find file compare and folder compare very useful in development. You might want to add that feature too.

    PDECODE Member

  21. Masternoob

    Masternoob Member

    great work!

    but i miss one thing:

    "Find in Files"

    would be nice if you would integrate that in your tool!

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