what is all this pollution


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@Chris Kelleher Is it possible to add the Spam cleanup option on the approval queue page? I can delete the posts easily enough in one go, but I can't send them to the spam cleanup without visiting each thread individually.
Would it make sense to appoint more Spam moderators? I'd be happy to help.

Alternatively, could you remove or reduce the Report-timeout if I report more than one post?


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Thanks andre.
Reporting the posts is helpful when it's inside a thread rather than a thread of its own. But I go through every new post anyway so that's not so much of an issue.
Moderating the spam is tedious but not too hard, and if Chris sets all new users' posts to go to the moderation queue, along with the option to bulk spam report, then it should actually get easier from a moderation standpoint.

Rob Fitzpatrick

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It looks to me like a lot of these spam messages are the users' first message.

We have to look at the account sign-up process. Or, failing that, the permissions for new users.