Question Virtual server os-getenv problem


Hi all.
We are changing to all virtual servers for our progress application (SX). The requirement is that I need to pull the 'userprofile' but the result within Progress does not match what is displayed at the command prompt.
Using the OS-GET('userprofile') the result is along the lines of:
But at the system side the result should be :

I can hard code around this but I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue?

Have a great day.


What does proenv say the value is?

What does OS-COMMAND "echo %USERPROFILE%" return?

How about if you start a session, shell out and echo %USERPROFILE%?


They point correctly, but we are running SX, and that has it's own set of values that appear to override what the virtual machine uses. Using the command from progress and the command from CMD, the results are different. We are using 3 VM's for load balance, so when a person log on they could get 1 of 3 different VMs. From a master profile table, the users profile is loaded to the VM. I think we are going to have to had code a location to make it work. Thanks anyway. -Dennis'