1. H

    OS-COMMAND Won't Run With a Variable Path

    Hi, I've got an application which runs a .bat file using the OS-COMMAND statement, it's called a number of times within in the application. The path was hardcoded previously, however due the number of times it's called and now that I want it to run a different .bat file depending on the value...
  2. V

    Resolved Printing Over Appserver (using Output To Printer)

    Hi Seniors, I have a situation. Progress version: 10.2b. OS: windows 2008 R2 Printer: XPS Writer/local Xerox Printer I am trying to print a PDF, by setting 'session: printer' and using 'output to printer'. Print happens, but it is all wrong. Whole document is printed in 2/3 lines. and I can...
  3. vdennis

    Question Virtual server os-getenv problem

    Hi all. We are changing to all virtual servers for our progress application (SX). The requirement is that I need to pull the 'userprofile' but the result within Progress does not match what is displayed at the command prompt. Using the OS-GET('userprofile') the result is along the lines of...
  4. K


    Dear All, I have a input file which is processed at regular intervals ( 2 secs). I have tried OS-COMMAND MOVE, OS-COMMAND RENAME the but at times the file remains in the input folder. I am wondering is there any PROgRESS function to get around this?