[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] Progress 4GL - is CRC value of table fixed for repeated loading .df?

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I'm facing CRC error occurs with existing r-code after loading a .df file without adding the POSITION of the field in it.

Step 1:

I have loaded the .df file with adding POSITON of the field for the first time and compiled my .p program..The program was working fine without any issues

CRC value for table(4692) and .r (4692) matched.

Step 2:

I have loaded the same .df file but this time without adding the POSTION of the field in it. I found CRC value for table(64665) and .r(4692) mismatched. so that I am getting CRC error.

Now my question here is that..is this CRC error will be fixed if I load the same .df(Step 1)? If yes then after loading CRC value for table and .r will be matched? so that I dont need recompilation

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