Question Reverse Proxy Server, any issues using with Webspeed?


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I was wondering if anyone has experience with using a Reverse Proxy server with a Webspeed application.
We are going to be moving our client to a Data Centre and they are requesting that a Reverse Proxy be used in the DMZ for all web connections (HTTPS). This Reverse Proxy server will be connecting to a web server on their internal network through a firewall. We would normally have an Apache web server in the DMZ using just the webspeed messenger to connect to a webspeed broker running on a database server on an internal network.
Anyone have any experience or issues that we would have to overcome when using a Reverse Proxy?


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You may well get some responses here, but there are some very knowledgeable folk over on who may well be better placed to answer your question.


Webspeed will work fine. If you rely on knowing the IP address of your users or you want to know the hostname of your reverse proxy (rather than the hostname of your webspeed box) then check out these environment variables:

accessible via get-cgi("<env var>")