Receiving Json From Angularjs Application


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Hey all.

I have a question regarding getting JSON from a UI that is using AngularJS. The JSON is straight JSON; we’ve constructed JSON in the past and put it into a variable and used get-value to read the contents into a temp-table.

But with AngularJS, it sends straight JSON so there is nothing “to grab”.

I want to use the read-json and the jsonObject, but in the documentation for v11 it references from a “data source”, such as a temp-table etc. I don’t see how to read it from an application using AngularJS.

This URL is an AngularJS example - Hello AngularJS - How To POST JSON Data From $http Service

This is the JSON it sends via Payload - {"name":"Dean","employees":"5","headoffice":"United States”}

How can I capture that data with Progress?

Any help would be appreciated.