Piew - Free Progress Code Editor

5.11 - [04.04.2017]
+ Added button for quick opening site with Visual Studio color schemes
+ Added new setting "Piew is running on Server Core (Windows) installation". It will fix error when you try use open save dialog
* Added error catching for generic run actions
* Fixed saving colors for TEXT scheme
* Fixed version parsing on "Check for updates" (homepage was slightly updated)

5.11a - [07.04.2017]
* just updated run.p (run, check & compile was not working)

5.12 - [10.04.2017]
* updated sending of parameter "-param" to run.p (there was again problem with run, check & compile). Now i send it as the last parameter, because PROGRESS take it all after this command as part of the parameter (ignores "")

5.13 - [17.04.2017]
+ Added "Track Changes in margin" feature. If you edit some line a small color square appear on the left margin. Yellow - line was changed, Green - changed line was saved. It will last until you close file. It's very simple based, so there can be some glitches. If you return line to original state, line stay marked because in past there were changes so mark don't disappear

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5.14 - [27.04.2017]
+ Added support for DOS codepage CP850 (Latin-1, Western European languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish). Please confirm me somebody that Russian CP866 is still working after this update :)
+ Added new DarkBlue theme
+ Possibility set line numbers color (it's "Current line" foreground color in settings) Now looks line numbers better for the eyes, they are not so contrast as before
* Updated all themes - tweaked line numbers colors (just import your theme again)
* Updated converter for Visual Studio color schemes (v1.10). Now accept also line numbers color

5.15 - [01.05.2017]

+ Added custom color settings for "Track Changes in margin" feature. There was some bad behavior on default theme - yellow is hard to see on yellow background :)
* Updated all themes - tweaked changes colors (just import your theme again)
+ In TEXT highlighter added bookmark margin, it was not visible

5.16 - [02.06.2017]
* Fixed problem with initialising some fonts that doesn't support style Regular
+ Added custom color settings for "highlight occurrence by double-click" feature (it's "Selection" foreground color in settings)
* Updated all themes - tweaked highlight occurrence colors (just import your theme again)

5.17 - [23.07.2017]
+ Added context menu to file explorer for file/folder operations
+ Added new file functionality to file explorer: Rename (F2), Create new folder, Cut (move), Copy and Paste
+ Main PROPATH folder in file explorer is now uppercased and bold for better overview (if it's turned On)
* Fixed refresh inside PROPATH folder in file explorer (don't jump outside)
+ Added tooltip over search textbox in file explorer with information about total searched files, load and search time
+ In Project explorer moved some actions from Toolbar to context menu (New File, New Folder, Remove, Project properties)
+ Double click on Project item in Project explorer now open Project properties
* In Project explorer changed name for Delete action to Remove (was confusing)
+ Code, Database & Project explorers have now full row selection indicator
+ Right mouse click on nodes in Code, Database & Project explorers now can select items
+ Updated syntax highlighter keywords to Openedge 11.7
+ Updated docking system (2.16)
+ If you are searching files and focus is inside file list, pressing ESC here can exit search mode (before only inside search textbox)
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5.18 - [14.09.2017]
+ Added new themes Solarized light and Solarized dark (slightly modified from original)
* Updated converter for Visual Studio color schemes (v1.20). Missing changes colors in output, HTML and XML Tag fix, XML Entity fix
+ Remember last opened tab in settings
+ Updated docking system (3.0.0)
! Fixed bug with refreshing code explorer when reloading file by external change
+ Added settings for table case
- from Dump_Tables.p removed table case (now is processing inside Piew)
! Fixed bug with maximized window start
! Fixed bug with "File '' not exist!" when starting another Piew instance with some parameters but without file path and "Allow only 1 copy of Piew at a time" is on
+ Added tooltip over search textbox in file explorer with information about items count and load time in file browsing mode
+ Added keyword "param" to official keyword list
! Fixed bug when you try running PROGRESS executable more times
+ Added extra check on PROGRESS executable before calling it (if exists)

5.20 - [08.10.2017]
+ Added search to database browser
+ Added new information to database browser: Format and Label. For this new functionality has been changed format of dumps (.csv versions) - updated script DB_Dump\Dump_Tables.p. You should create new dump otherwise loading old databases will fail! .df versions of dumps are ok
+ Added possibility display/hide field type in database browser. In settings you can decide what fit best to you (with or without type, default without)
+ Added Copy to clipboard to database explorer (shortcut + context menu)
! Fixed some internal shortcut enable/disable functionality
* Settings menu is now enabled in empty environment
+ Disable edit on all windows when doing run, check or compile
+ If you write some text and press F8 (Show Tables, Fields) it show you list of all tables that begins with your text. No need enter end postfix "." to display list
+ Added short keyword "info" to official keyword list
+ Updated docking system (3.0.1)
* Random tab colors setting is now default off on new installation

5.21 - [10.10.2017]
! Fixed bug when on switching to TEXT, XML or HTML windows Piew disable edit

5.23 - [22.10.2017]
+ Rewritten settings to be more transparent. Now it's all in one place grouped by own category
! Fixed bug when window remember negative position from second monitor

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5.25 - [01.11.2017]
+ Added option to display the file information in the window title - Filename Only, Filename and Directory and Full Pathname
+ When you clone window then it's opened default on top of current window
+ Support for abbreviated keywords. This allows to define language keywords using a compressed syntax, e.g.: char(acter, var(iable. No more missing syntax keywords due abbreviation!
* Changed behavior of F8 (Show Tables, Fields) Now pressing the ENTER, TAB keys just write TABLE without opening FIELDS list. Pressing "." key write "." to source and automatically opens FIELDS list to continue selection. Before you must always press F8 to continue selection
! Fixed bug when the first selected word that matched to replace was ignored
! Fixed disabling windows when doing run, check or compile. On more opened tabs it was switching always to last tab
! Fixed bug when you start typing in F8 (Show Tables, Fields) and old string is appended to new one in editor

5.27 - [08.11.2017]
+ New version dll
+ In statusbar you can see file encoding information ANSI or UTF-8
+ Added settings for default file encoding (ANSI or UTF-8). Default is ANSI
* Warning! Changed meaning of the Default charset. Now means code page 1252 (Western European). This prevents unexpected behavior and crashes on East Asia systems where default locales are different. If you are not Western European and you use diacritics then change in Settings / Environment / Font Charset from Default to your codepage
+ Added possibility place to custom tools also www links. Example Caption: "Google Search" Path: %4 - Google Search (%4 will be replaced in runtime for currently selected word)
+ Added Comment Style:
  • Multi - each line has own comment /* line1 */, /* line2 */ - this style use Progress in procedure editor
  • Block - one comment for all lines /* line1, line2 */
  • Single - single-line comment is used for all lines // line1, // line2
Now is default Multi. Before it was Block so if you don't like this style change it in settings back

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5.28 - [15.11.2017]
! Fixed bug when calling PROGRESS applications (Data dictionary, Compiler..) say that can't find file

5.29 - [26.11.2017]
+ When Piew start first time - try use Consolas font instead of Courier New. If you don't use Consolas yet - set it manually.
+ Added support for codepage ISO 8859-15 (Latin 9) - problem with Euro € sign in CP850
- Removed Default codepage (duplicity with Western European 1252, it was confusing - result of change in version 5.27)
* Updated Align DEF VAR - now using short names, everybody use them :)
* Updated Align DEF VAR - variable scope is now aligned too + right padded
* Updated docking system - fixed rare bug when starting new tab can cause crash
* Changed icons for Un/Comment and Add/Del Annotation
* Fixed bug when in empty Project explorer was enabled context menu (crash after selecting action)
* Fixed bug when using settings on empty environment (no file) can cause crash
* Fixed russian codepage CP866 that was break in version 5.27
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5.31 - [25.12.2017]
+ Added support for emulation of Progress encodings so output looks now better for some encoding cases. Before was conversion done by Microsoft internal encoding algorithm. Currently added some CP850 replacement: "Progress -cpstream IBM850 -cpinternal ISO8859-1" and "Progress -cpstream IBM850 -cpinternal ISO8859-15". -cpstream and -cpinternal are Progress startup parameters. New emulated encodings provides better look like previous CP850
+ Added ability to change font size for explorers
+ Added Copy to clipboard inside code explorer (shortcut + context menu), removed copy tree content button
* Rewritten startup sequence (slightly faster startup)
* Rewritten code explorer to use better treeview component
* Fixed broken statusbar (since 5.25). Nobody noticed it? :)
* Fixed manual change of the highlighter (styling was broken when you change PROGRESS -> TEXT)
- Removed support for codepage ISO 8859-15 (Latin 9)

5.33 - [13.03.2018]
+ Added syntax highlighting for JSON files
* Removed multiple space on triggers in code explorer (parsing sources with unstructured code type)
* Again tweaked some codepages: "Western European (850)", "Progress -cpstream IBM850 -cpinternal ISO8859-1" and "Progress -cpstream IBM850 -cpinternal ISO8859-15". Now they are displayed on background as Western European (1252) (before Central European). There was problem that user can't type specific characters.
* Updated run.p - removed Piew path from parameters, it's not used anymore and made trouble if this path contains space
* Updated run.p - Fixed message by source checking: "Compile aborted. SAVE not specified and r-code file exists: (468)" It's case when source code has already rcode in the same dir. We don't want overwrite original rcode so we save it to the temp dir and delete after
* Updated main dll (4.0.3)
* Updated docking system (3.0.4)
* Updated converter for Visual Studio color schemes (v1.30). Added support for JSON style

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Is there an option to open the file-explorer in the file-containing folder?
Piew now remember last opened directory. Maybe your solution it's better. I will make this change:
- If you open empty Piew without file - just initialize last directory
- If you open Piew with file (first launched file, opened via parameter, doubleclick on source in windows) -> initialize file-explorer in file directory
- Other opened files in the same session (opened with drag & drop or via menu) -> don't touch file-explorer

What do you say? Any other ideas?
Piew now remember last opened directory. Maybe your solution it's better. I will make this change:
- If you open empty Piew without file - just initialize last directory
- If you open Piew with file (first launched file, opened via parameter, doubleclick on source in windows) -> initialize file-explorer in file directory
- Other opened files in the same session (opened with drag & drop or via menu) -> don't touch file-explorer

What do you say? Any other ideas?
Sounds good to me, didn't think of that :), but I meant the windows-file-explorer, not the built-in one. After editing files I have to move them to e.g. SVN or do other tasks with it. And as the filepath is unnecessary long it's tedious to go there. An option similar to notepad++ would be great. Rightclick on tab/filename -> "Open containing folder in explorer" or "Open containing folder in cmd".

I really apprechiate your work, marvellous editor. Simple, light-weight and smooth *thumbsup*
I'm missing one function: "search in files". Is this possible ?
Maybe i can add some button to File explorer. Existing Piew Find dialog will be displayed and will search in current path or in filtered files.
Or another idea, button that add extra searchbox bellow search files. First time user enter in text box and filter useful files (or keep empty for searching in current path). Then enter to searchbox some string and hit enter - Piew will search target files (but here we miss some settings from dialog: case, whole word ...)
Also there can be problems with various codepage problems (searching for special characters) but this we can fix it later :)
Hi, is it possible to start Piew with connected DB? Otherwise the syntaxcheck doesn't work for me. Thanks in advance :)

Got it, thx.
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Hi, is it possible to start Piew with connected DB? Otherwise the syntaxcheck doesn't work for me.
If you press Syntax check button i call PROGRESS on the background to do this job. So try check your settings. Configuration .pf files usually contains also database connection. If you use the same .pf and .ini files (as you use for run of the original application) -> there should be no problem.

So all magic is doing on PROGRESS side, therefore i can't start Piew with already connected DB. See picture for example configuration (use own or application .pf and .ini files)


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5.36 - [10.10.2018]
+ Added Open Containing Folder action to file tab
+ Added new icons for field data type in database browser (not available in "Show Field Data Type = True" setting)
+ Added Command Window action in tools menu. Open windows command prompt in directory of currently selected file
+ Tweaked icons
+ Tooltip over file in file explorer show also exact file size in bytes for KB, MB, GB cases
+ Added setting: "Highlight Propath in file explorer" - you can disable different color for Propath folders and files inside Propath in file explorer
* Better Undo in formatting tools: Auto Case Keywords, Align DEF VAR, Align ASSIGN, Align ASSIGN
* Fixed search highlighting in database browser on Dark and Blue themes
* Updated main dll (4.1.2)
- Removed old setting migration
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5.38 - [14.11.2018]
* Fixed bug with RegExp replace action when Piew stop working
* Fixed wrong year in About dialog for countries with different formatting
* Updated docking system (3.0.6)
+ Application is now digitally signed
* When is new project loading or creating - ask for saving changes in old one
* Delete node in project doesn't mark project as changed
+ Some small code refactoring
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