1. Pavan Yadav

    XML Format Issue

    Progress Version : 10.2B Env : UNIX I am creating a XML and instead of using SAX Parser, I am trying to achieve the functionality/Design with Temp-Tables/Datasets. I am facing an issue with NameSpace-URI DEFINE VARIABLE cTargetType AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO. DEFINE VARIABLE cFile AS...
  2. A

    Creating A Service To Transfer Xml Files

    dear all I am using openedge 10.2b currently we are creating a text file and transmitting it via ftp to another third party application for processing. The third party is requesting that we transmit we create xml file instead of ascii file and transmit it by creating a service so that...
  3. D

    Xml Data As Input Param In Oe Web Service

    Hi Folks, I need help .... OE 10.2B, WinSrv2008, Apache Tomcat 6.0 JSE I'm created web service for receiving xml data. Service is simple, it just create record an save inXml in char data field (xml is short ones) . inXml is 3. parameter in this ws . it works perfectly except that it saves...
  4. Kalan

    Progress Error 4083

    Hi, While processing the xml file with the content xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> receiving the error 'Unable to assign UNKNOWN value to attribute NONAMESPACE-SCHEMA-LOCATION on SAX-READER widget'. Can anyone pls suggest me if...

    Piew - Free Progress Code Editor

    Piew is free, fast and light-weight PROGRESS 4GL/ABL code editor for Windows with some basic and additional features that support syntax highlighting. Why another editor? Sometime you don't want load whole PROGRESS environment just for small change, for source viewing or maybe you want use some...