Name server throwing access denied error on start


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Hello All,

As part of DR drill, Environment team recovered AIX server on other data center. After that, I tried to start the batch brokers but the name server is not getting started.

Note: Admin server got started.

Version: 10.2B
Server: AIX

Error description:
Connecting to Progress AdminServer using rmi://localhost:20931/Chimera (8280)
Login denied, check username and password.
Unable to find batchsrvdb1-2 (8281)

Thanks in advance.

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
Did this work previously on this machine or are you trying for the first time?

Are you able to resolve batchsrvdb1-2 on this machine?

Rob Fitzpatrick Sponsor
I assume that means no, you cannot resolve the name server batchsrvdb1-2 on the DR server? That suggests the content of the is incorrect and should be reviewed. You may also want to review what steps your environment team took to "recover" the AIX server.