Feeling Tired & Washed Up


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I have been doing Progress for over 10 years now, 9 of which have been Chui.
Probably for the past 3 years I have been feeling like being a Progress Programmer is not challenging me enough. I have pretty much seen and done most things but really I am writing code now that I was writing 10 years ago. It seams to be "if yada yada then display yada yada .." same old same old.
I am a very good programmer but I feel my talents are wasted on this stuff.
I love new development but those tasks are few and far between. The reality is firefighting legacy code that was written in the 80's day in day out. On top of that most legacy code was written so very badly which just irk's me. I thought the solution was to move to other jobs but it ends up being the same thing different location.

Now I am 40 I feel very trapped, I don't have the opportunities to move to something new and moving around (other locations) is very painful for wife and kids, we have done it so many times. I am at the peak of my salary range, I am unlikely to be able to earn more money, so it is not a factor.

I really don't know what to do, but I just can't keep doing the If Then Display day in day out for another 10 years. I feel like I want to do something different, but there is nothing else I can do and I can't afford a big pay cut because mortgage, credit cards, car payments etc.

I feel very stuck and I suppose this is a fairly lame attempt at shouting for help. However, I would like to hear from anyone out there who is in or has been in a similar position / mind frame as me. If you got past this and have figured it all out, please share. I would also be interested in hearing from anyone who has been doing Progress for a long time and still enjoy it and can still keep up the desire to do more.


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Welcome! Thanks for the post. Will be an interesting discussion. For me, the spark has been finding a shop that works with the new(ish) .Net stuff - much nicer than classic ABL GUI!! Also, branching out into complementary subjects, such as DBA and Ops. That has enabled me to get some respite from FOR EACHes!!
So, why not learn something new that will benefit your employer. Something like Ant isn't actually that hard, and can have major benefits. Even if it's just for yourself. Or start working with the database, learning the basics of tuning and so on. Hey then you can learn Ant too and do cool things like backup strategies that are automated...


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Also, where are you based?


The nice thing about legacy code is that there are endless opportunities to improve it :)

The hard thing is convincing your employer that those improvements are important and that it isn't just unproductive mumbo jumbo with no business benefit. Some workplaces are a lot more receptive to the idea than others.