Error Creating branch to Enterprise GitHub using ABL


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Hi, I'm currently trying to connect to our enterprise GitHub in order to create branches and do some branch merges on an automated way.

Until now, I have succeeded to get lots of things from GitHub (like repos, branches, etc...) using GET method. Communication is working fine and results are consistants.

But in order to create a reference (a branch), according to GitHub API v3 documentation, I have to perform a POST and provide a Json as the entity.
Here is an extract from GitHub API v3 documentation:
Git Refs
as you can see we have to perform a POST request and attach a very simple Json to it (only two fields).

And here a part of my code (credentials are set before in the code and are not involved in the current problem):
mc-request = "".
IF al-credentials-ready
THEN ao-Request = RequestBuilder:post(mc-request,ao-json-request):ContentType("application/json"):UsingBasicAuthentication(ao-credentials):AcceptJson():Request.

I paste here the content of ao-json-request (dumped by the 2nd line above, as debug):

My code used to get a branch details is very close than the extract above and work perfectly, but uses the GET method.

When I execute that, I receive the "422 - Unprocessable entity" response from GitHub and the entity contain only an HTML page showing "What ?", no details on the error.

Any idea of what could cause this problem ?

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First of all, your Progress version could be very important.
Secondly, what happens if you POST the JSON using Postman or the like?


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I am using OE 11.7 with service pack 3.
If I do it with Postman, it works without any problem and my branch is successfully created. (I have done a copy/paste of the Json content)