1. Pioux

    Error Creating branch to Enterprise GitHub using ABL

    Hi, I'm currently trying to connect to our enterprise GitHub in order to create branches and do some branch merges on an automated way. Until now, I have succeeded to get lots of things from GitHub (like repos, branches, etc...) using GET method. Communication is working fine and results are...
  2. D

    REST interface to manage Progress Web Service Adapter remotely

    Hello everyone, I have the following challenge: - I have a Classic AppServer and a WSA (interface to the AppServer for web services) deployed on Tomcat Web Server, shipped with the Progress Installation - I can get different information about WSA deployed services remotely using fathom REST...
  3. M

    Question API fundementals

    Can anyone help me how to learn API coding.
  4. A

    Question Setting Fgcolor Attribute Not Working Under Windows 7 Basic Theme

    Hi, I have an issue while using some GUI control in Progress I have a radio-set widget in , for which I would like to change the font color (rdo:FGCOLOR). Here is an example of source code of what we try to achieve DEFINE VARIABLE RDO-option AS WIDGET-HANDLE. DEFINE VARIABLE m-status...
  5. R

    Question Building Rest Service Api Documentation

    OpenEdge 11.6 SP2 Linux PASOE Has any found any good tools that work will with OpenEdge REST API Services?
  6. L

    Google Api

    Dear All, If anyone has an example to sync Google calendar with Progress 4GL desktop application, please share. I am able to use Google calendar Api through JavaScript but not able to do same thing through simple Progress 4GL statements.
  7. R

    Question Webspeed As A Api Component

    Hi friends, i would like to write a simple web application (in expressjs) and use webspeed as a api to pull data from Progress database. Do you have someone experience with this? For expample on url: /WebspeedApi/customers - to get all customers /WebspeedApi/customers/1 - to get customer...