1. M

    Error Error 8030

    Hello to All members, Can you please advise on how to resolve below error ? This file tt_ord.i exists in two places in my E drive and and I have already verified that number of fields is same in both the files. But still I am getting this error. May be this is related to above error. For...
  2. Anderson Clayton

    Resolved Error when try Connect database from .pf file in AppServer

    Hi folks, may someone help me? it must be pretty simple, but i've been pass all day stuck on this. I created a new appserver in OE 11.7 by Admin server (localhost:9090) and i trying to connect a copy sports database just using the "Server startup parameters" with a .pf file. The .pf file content...
  3. D

    Answered Converting Application with Global Shared Variables to Classic AppServer REST Service

    Hello, I currently have an ABL UI application which was originally written with the business logic separate from the GUI. I am trying to convert the frontend to a website but keep the underlying Progress business logic so I am attempting to use a Classic AppServer REST broker to interact with...
  4. S

    Is there anyway to revert file changes

    Hi, Is there anyway to revert file changes? (Now file empty) Version - progress 9.1D Now under progress Explorer show only Databases. Webspeed, Appserver.... missing
  5. F

    Question Does progress need any code changes when web service call changes from Http to Https

    Hi, Recently we have change the service call from http url to https url. I am getting error( Safe SOCKET LOCK (SSL) failure. Error code -54: unable to get local issuer certificate: for 6ae7a2a5.0 in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ OpenEdge_113 \ certs (9318)) while consuming new https url. I have...
  6. rzr

    Answered Hung Appserver..

    Hello, The DBAs use the OEM interface to check status of the app servers. This does show error state or offline. Unfortunately, this still doesn’t show a state where the app server is online but hung. Is there any other way to identify hung AppServer state?
  7. F

    Data Inconsistency In Appserver

    we have issue data inconsistency when using buffer-copy from phisics table to temp-table via AppServer. The record that retrieved from appserver sometimes missing value. Example: we have 1 table named "transsales" consist of 4 fields : transno confirmby confirmdate confirmtime. if we display...
  8. V

    Resolved Printing Over Appserver (using Output To Printer)

    Hi Seniors, I have a situation. Progress version: 10.2b. OS: windows 2008 R2 Printer: XPS Writer/local Xerox Printer I am trying to print a PDF, by setting 'session: printer' and using 'output to printer'. Print happens, but it is all wrong. Whole document is printed in 2/3 lines. and I can...
  9. J

    Tomcat and Appserver Agent

    Hi all, I am currently developing a web service using REST Adapter from Progress 11.3 for my mobile application. I am having a problem, when the appserver do something rather time consuming or worst, stucked in an endless loop. When I tried to recall the web service (in this case using web...
  10. DCraig

    Progress Appserver Question

    Hi All, I have a .wsm file i am using to add a new web service to the progress appserver which has deployed fine. However, when i consume the web service from .net code the logical/boolean output parameter from the .p file that runs when i call the appserver web service procedure is of type...