Webspeed Messenger 11.6

Dave Grandon

New Member
Following an upgrade to 11.7.4, we are having to retain 10.2 for our Webstats that uses WSISA, as it does not work in 11.7

Looking on the Progress Knowledge Base it suggests that we download the Webspeed Messenger for 11.6, when I go to the Openedge download, I do not have our authorised download credentials and the person who has them is not back for 2 weeks. It is a free download so could some kind soul oblige and send it to me if it is not too big


Rob Fitzpatrick

ProgressTalk.com Sponsor
Can you open a case with Tech Support and have them provide the download to you?

And, though this may be stating the obvious, now is the time to get other people set up with ESD entitlements on their accounts. ;)