Syteline 6.02.01 on server 2003--how will new Microsoft kerberos protocol affect it


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We still have one company that has syteline 6.02 running on a windows 2003 server with progress 9.1E. I wish it weren't so, but it is what it is. My question is does anybody know how the recent notice that microsoft will be changing its kerberos protocols for good next year affect the function of 2003 server? For example suddenly after the November windows updates, they can't refer to the server by name--all the printers on the 2003 server and any file shares need to referred to by IP address. For example, what used to be referred to as \\dre4\printer now need to be referred to as \\IP ADDRESS\server. Same with file shares. Other than that the progress syteline works fine on windows 10 and windows 11. It's a way around it for now, but I'm concerned as to when and if Microsoft will cease to allow server 2003 and 2008 to function on the domain next year.

Does anybody have any information on this issue?


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I also have the same concern. Running a legacy custom application with plans to replace it in 1 year but need to keep running until then.

My shipping labels used to print using "\\server\printer" but no longer. I need a way to print to a specific label printer directly from the client, or a way to print to the printer via its ip address locally on the server because if I try "\\ipaddress\printer" it does not work.

We are using "output stream "outprinter".

I have tried loading 9.1E on Server 2008, 12, 16, 19 to no avail due to no java to setup the database parameters.

So, this is not a completely isolated case.


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What does "loading" mean? What is failing; installing Progress or running it?

Do you mean you can't run the old Java-based Progress Explorer?
Rob, yes. I can install the server and possibly make it run I cannot configure any parameters. I have tried all of the recommended tricks to get the Java to load into the mmc but cannot.

I wonder, though, if it is possible to just get something like a Windows 7 machine to run the Java mmc to configure the server, running on, say Windows Server 19.

But to answer, it is the Java Progress Explorer Tool.

I have access to Open Edge 10B ... not sure if that is any better.

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I have access to Open Edge 10B ... not sure if that is any better.
Yes, 10.2B08 would be miles better than 9.1E, in many ways. Still long retired, but medieval rather than neolithic.

If your only need for Progress Explorer is to configure the database, can you not work around that? Doesn't that config just go into That is a flat file that can be edited in other ways.


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Hmm, I have 10.0 B - do you think it is worth migrating? I remember hearing long ago that you usually want to wait until the first or second update.

If I keep 9.1e
If I create a new virtual server with disk drives in the same configuration as the existing 2003 server, and copy the file over do you think it will start the dataserver? I think I tried this but it seemed that even if the database was up, I couldn't tell if it went down and was nervous about not being able to hit a "start the database" button.

Thank you, by the way, for your insights on this.

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even if the database was up, I couldn't tell if it went down
Pretend it's Linux and you don't have fancy GUI tools. ;)

You can stop, start, and query the status of a DB on Windows with dbman commands; that's what PET is doing under the covers.

<shameless plug alert>
And if you're looking for ongoing database status monitoring, you could consider ProTop. Although 9.1E is comparatively primitive in its monitoring capabilities, we do support it and have clients running on it, with a portal that provides real-time monitoring and alerting. If the database went down (or had other issues), you would be alerted.

Hmm, I have 10.0 B
Definitely not as good as 10.2B, and pretty much has the same architectural limits as 9.x, if that matters to you. As you say, a major new release can take some time to mature and v10 did need a few releases to shake out the issues. I'd say 10.1A to 10.1B was when it became more usable. Upgrading the database would also entail recompiling the application, at a minimum, and of course testing it, so you need the application source. If you're willing to go to that length, then you might consider buying licenses for a supported release and upgrading to that, so you'd get more results for your efforts.

You can read more thoughts on upgrades here.


Save the dlc\properties\*.properties files and copy them to your new 9.1E instalation on server 201x or even better 2022 if you have new enough hardware to support it (ie TPM 2.0).
As for not being able to refer to printers by the UNC share name ... it can still work.
You might have to enable NETBIOS and or SMB 1.0., or add the printers with "manual settings".
Regarding shameless plugs, I know just the guy to talk to about those issues, and the first 59 minutes are free.