[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] Where to find an *.r file viewer or Progress decompiler

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I know it's not allowed to ask for tools, but here I have a technical issue to deal with which needs a tool in order to get it done:

I'm working with ASSIGN SESSION:DEBUG-ALERT = TRUE. and as a result, while testing a program I get an error message with following callstack details (only the first line):

--> USER-INTERFACE-TRIGGER my_own_window.w at line 587  (\\<official_build_server_directory>\my_own_window.r)
    my_own_window.w at line 709  (\\<official_build_server>\<my_own_window.r)

As you can see, something's wrong with my window at lines 587 and 709, but:
While compiling the window files, some things happen which mess with the line numbers, and the mentioned line numbers are the ones from the compiled *.r files, which are different than the ones from the original *.w files.
In order to be sure about the line numbers, I would need a de-compiler, or at least a *.r-viewer (being based on an internal de-compiler).

Is there a free de-compiler or a free *.r viewing tool?
Thanks in advance

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