[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] What's the meaning of X16 or X45 (format specifiers) in Progress-4GL?

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I'm heavily struggling with some format specifiers in Progress-4GL, release 11.6, based on appBuilder and procedure editor.

In order to understand what's happening, I'm doing the following in the source code:

MESSAGE "Detail: Table1.Field1=["  Table1.Field1  "], STRING(Table1.Field1, X16)=["  STRING(Table1.Field1, "X(16)")  "]" VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX.
MESSAGE "Detail: Description=["  Description  "], STRING (omschr, X45=["  STRING(Description, "X(45)")  "]" VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX.

The result looks more or like like the following (I've put the information on different lines for readability, I did not modify the content of the square brackets:

Detail: Table1.Field1=     [ 000976 ],
STRING(Table1.Field1, X16)=[ 000976           ]  <= length=18 characters!

Detail: Description=[ Aldente ], 
STRING (omschr, X45=[ Aldente                                       ]  <= length=47 characters!

As you can see, the fields inside the tables start with a space and end with one. Whether this is correct or not, I don't care. What I expect, is the formats X16 and X45 to create strings of length 16 and 45, not 18 and 47.

Does anybody know what's happening here?
Thanks in advance

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