[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] What is the purpose of the -char parameter in SQL Explorer?

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Jeff Moorhead

I recently started using Progress OpenEdge and am confused about the purpose of the -char parameter to the sqlexp (SQL Explorer) command from Progress's command line utility, Proenv.

I have looked at the documentation here, but apparently Progress didn't feel that parameter should be documented. I've also looked in the Progress Knowledge Base but can't find an actual definition for the -char parameter.

For example, I see no difference between the commands sqlexp -char -db C:\pathtomydb\mydb.db -H -S 2500 -user jmoor -password *** and sqlexp -db C:\pathtomydb\mydb.db -H -S 2500 -user jmoor -password ***

Both commands seems to do the exact same thing. Even if I run an actual SQL command such as SELECT * FROM PUB.CUSTOMER WHERE "Cust-id" = 15; using the -command parameter, the -char parameter seems to make no difference.

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