[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] How to run .exe/.bat file with INPUT/OUTPUT in Progress 4GL

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i try to create a PDF-File via wkhtmltopdf.exe in Progress4GL. I have written a procedure which downloads a html file as an INPUT.

procedure downloadhtml:

    define input parameter i-benutzer as character  no-undo.

    define variable zw-path         as character no-undo.
    define variable h-uhrzeit       as character no-undo.
    define variable h-text          as character no-undo.    

    h-uhrzeit = string(time, "HH:MM:SS").
    h-uhrzeit = replace(h-uhrzeit, ":", "."). 
    h-text = '<div style="color:red;">I am a html file</div>'.
    find table.field 
         where table.field.man     = "xxx"
         and   table.field.krg     = "X-2540.w"
         and   table.field.user    = "_PPS"
         and   table.field.opzt    = "_PPN"
         no-lock no-error.
    if available table.field then do:
       zw-path = table.field2.

    OUTPUT TO VALUE(zw-path + "Name_" + string(today,"99.99.9999") + "_" + h-uhrzeit + "_" + i-benutzer + ".html").
        put unformatted h-text skip.
    output close.

end procedure.

It downloads the html file in this directory --> K:\K11\WEB\PDF\Name_01.03.2021_09.17.25_xx.html

wkthmltopdf.exe has 1 INPUT and 1 Output Directory. Structure looks like this in CMD Console --> :: [.exe] [INPUT DIRECTORY] [OUTPUT DIRECTORY]

if i run manually cmd console with these commands it works perfect cd **C:\Program Files (x86)\wkhtmltopdf\ wkhtmltopdf.exe** **K:\K11\WEB\PDF\Name_01.03.2021_09.17.25_xx.html** **K:\K11\WEB\PDF\Name_01.03.2021_09.17.25_xx.pdf**

My Question is: How can i run .exe File with dynamic(Name depends on Date&Time) INPUT OUTPUT Variables in Progress ?

I found a command which runs .exe file in progress4GL os-command(wkhtmltopdf.exe) but how can i put input and output variables/directories in .exe file in progress4gl?

Thanks for any HELP <3

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