[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] How i can add a catch block inside the for each block ( in progress 4gl) when the error is occurs i want to mo

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Mahmad rafi shaik

I have tried

DO ON ERROR UNDO , THROW: FOR EACH ttFileData NO-LOCK: CREATE ttCustomerDetails. ASSIGN ttCustomerDetails.ttcustmId = INTEGER (ENTRY(2 , ttFileData.ttLine)) ttCustomerDetails.ttfirstName = ENTRY(3 , ttFileData.ttLine) ttCustomerDetails.ttgender = ENTRY(6 , ttFileData.ttLine) ttCustomerDetails.ttsalary = DECIMAL (ENTRY( 13 , ttFileData.ttLine)) ttCustomerDetails.ttcountry = ENTRY(5 , ttFileData.ttLine) ttCustomerDetails.ttage = INTEGER ( ENTRY (7 , ttFileData.ttLine)) ttCustomerDetails.ttTenure = INTEGER (ENTRY (8 , ttFileData.ttLine)) ttCustomerDetails.ttDOB = obj1custmomerDetail:calculateDOB(INPUT ttCustomerDetails.ttcustmId , INPUT TABLE ttCustomerDetails) ttCustomerDetails.ttemail = obj1custmomerDetail:createEMAIL(INPUT ttCustomerDetails.ttcustmId , INPUT TABLE ttCustomerDetails). CATCH e AS Progress.Lang.Error: MESSAGE "error:" e:GetMessage(1) VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX. FIND NEXT ttFileData. END CATCH. END.

The error I'm getting is

FIND cannot be processed for a FOR EACH mode record.

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