[Stackoverflow] [Progress OpenEdge ABL] connect to OpenEdge Progress Databse using NHibernate in ASP.Net C#

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I have query regarding connection to Progress Database from Asp.net C# webapi using Nhibernate not using traditional ADO.Net code.

According to my understanding NHibernate is ORM similar to Entity Framwork but i am new to NHibernate. As i know, Entity framwork is not officially provide any connector to connect to Openedge progress db. So, i am thinking to use NHibernate to connect to progress DB for my project.

Is it good idea? And the If Nhibernate provides any connector to connect to Progress DB that extension is maintain by NHibernate or not? NHibernate has functionality to generate Entity Classes (having class properties similiar to database column names) automatically as database migrations does in entity framwork?

Is there any other alternative to connect to Progress DB in Asp.Net Web Api and i am using Angular 12 as a front end.

Please provide your valuable inputs and if i am incorrect at any point please correct me.

Thank you.

I really appreciate all the responses.

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